be my Valentine


The Ultimate Day of L O V E….

…Is  just around the CORNER!

Treat your Sweetie with a Memorable night that is also budget friendly with one of these cute & crafty Valentine’s Day Ideas:


1} His & Hers DIY mugs
One of my favorite projects so far! SUPER easy & inexpensive. {I purchased my mugs at Walmart}.

Note:  Hand wash your mugs to make the marker last longer

 Directions: Click ~HERE~
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2} Puzzle it !

Order you most cherished photo in the format of a Puzzle! Shutterfly has an option to do exactly that with a 252 piece puzzle. Small enough for a fun activity. Best part? Currently it is on sale for $19.99!


Savvy Tip: If you would like to keep the puzzle in tact, glaze with puzzle glue & pop in a frame for an even more lasting keepsake.


3} DIY Valentine’s

Why spend $4.99 + on a card when you can make an even more AMAZE one together?
Get out your glitter, glue, heart stickers, colored pens, ribbon, construction paper & get crafti’n  love birds!  This card is a keeper, so perfect to add into your memory box.
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4} C O O K !
Pop in a cd MIX of your  favorite tunes & start cooking!
Have him look through your PINTEREST food boards & select ones that look yummy.
Don’t forget the dessert! Chocolate of course!
5} Picture Perfect
Head to your nearest craft store {Michael’s has some great Wooden frames} & pick up:
~Wooden frame
~Acrylic craft paints
~Hearts, Sparkles, Crystals, Stencils & other Vday embellishments
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Have you & your Valentine create frames for one another…
What to put inside?
Image Credit: 320Sycamoreblog

Image Credit: 320Sycamoreblog


Each of you print out your Favorite Q U O T E

 {Again, Pinterest has a TON} , print & frame!
And Above, make sure you tell your Valentine
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