Happy Thanksgiving on this Day of G R A T E F U L N E S S…

…Share with your Loved ones today how much they mean to you!

Here are 3 Ideas you can Whip up Q U I C K L Y  for your family & friends to express what they are THANKFUL for this YEAR.

1} Grateful Bowl

Simple. Tear sheets of paper into small pieces & have each family member write down 3 Specific things they are Thankful for.

{OR print these FREE Thankful cards out-click on picture to obtain link}

Each member will place their cards into the bowl. Go around the table & have each member read the card aloud. Guess which member wrote the card.

2} Thankful Place Settings

Create a simple folded paper place setting for each guest with their name on it. Leave the inside & back blank. {Click on Link for FREE printable place settings}

Place a pen or pencil beside the place setting.

Each guest will write on everyone’s card what they are Thankful for about that person.

Go around the table & have them read the card aloud.




3} Appreciation Chalkboard 

Place a piece of chalk {or dry erase marker if using a dry erase board} on each family or friend member’s place setting.

During the course of the gathering, have each member write 2-3 things they are Thankful For~

Have the Host & Guest take turns reading out loud the list.


My Personal Grateful card goes out to my Savvy Assistant FANS, loving family, friends & my beloved precious nephew R.

I love you All.


From my Table to Yours, Have a Very HAPPY & HEALTHY Thanksgiving!


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