Lately I have been overwhelmed with the amount of  clothes, decor, knick ~ knacks, you name it I have collected over the years. Finding VHS tapes & a VCR in my entertainment cabinet sent me over the edge.

Clutter can happen in your Closets, Your Finances and EVEN your relationships.

An Amazing Book that goes into depth on WHY we hold onto things and HOW to let them go and get ORGANIZED is:

DeClutter Now: Uncovering the Hidden Joy and Freedom in Your Life

A few  tips I learned from the book & MY personal how’s to tackle the Physical Aspect of clutter Include:


*Go through Room by Room in small doses and rid yourself of EVERYTHING you are not using.

*Clothes: Take your pricey garments to a consignment store & the other items to a donation center and get a healthy tax write-off. If you have NOT worn the item in 2 years {my personal gauging point}, it’s time to part ways. Also, accept the Size you are NOW. If you are not fitting into those super reduced sized jeans, let them go. {More Clothes Make-over tips ~HERE~}

Doesn’t it feel the BEST when you reach into your closet and everything fits?

*Pack up your seasonal clothes to save space in your Closet. Arrange your clothes by colors and type for easy access & eye appeal {pants, shorts, dresses, skirts, blouses, workout gear, coats, etc.}

*Use the same colored Hangers if possible {I’m addicted to Huggable Hangers in black} and recycle the wire ones back to your local dry~cleaners.

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*Jewelry: For expensive pieces you are not wearing, ask your local jeweler if they are open to exchanging for a store credit. Less expensive pieces, give to younger family members to play dress up in, consign or donate. How do I organize my jewelry? Check out more tips & my OH so cool framed jewelry piece ~HERE~ my Pops & I made~

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*Books, DVD’s,  cd’s & magazines: Take any of these unused items {except magazines} to your local Book Exchange for usually an option of  cash or Exchange voucher. Donate the rest.

Remember the Magazines! Only Keep 1-2 months worth at a time.

A Step by Step guide on how I organize Magazines ~HERE~

 *Decor: Knick Knacks and Novelty Items add up Q.u.i.c.k.l.y. Label Holiday decor in clear bins and only allow enough that will fit in your storage. You have officially  gone hoarding overboard when you are paying for a monthly storage unit {unless for a specific reason as moving, etc.}

Limit your decorating items to not overwhelm a room and try to hang as many as possible. Keep all windows, vents & doorways clear when possible.

*Electronics: Eliminate outdated electronics not in use. Your local cell phone service provider will take your old phone {if a newer model, sell on-line}.

Also trade in offers are available through a variety of places such as Best Buy or Amazon.

Want  M O R E  Organization Inspiration? {click on pic to see my Boards}