How in the Dickens are every part of our life supposed to be organized?

Always C R A V I N G organization tips, here are 3 Simple Steps from Total Home Makeover By Renee Metzler to make your Space Functional by Dinner!


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Step 1: Design your Space

Look objectively at your space & T H I N K

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*What activities do you want to take place here? What functions can this space serve? Think outside the box.

*Perhaps you never dine in your dining room, but long for an art studio? The solution is obvious.

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To design your space, first make a list of activities that will take place in your space. Each activity will be a zone. For example, the buffet is now an art storage zone.

The table is your art project zone. Next, grab some graph paper  & pen  decide where you will place each activity zone in that room. Sketching it out will help you develop your vision.

Step 2: Clear and Sort the Area

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Now that you have a vision for your space, you will want to clear it out. Grab three bags and label them as trash, give-away and keep. As you clear, place the items in the associated bags.

Anything that doesn’t relate to your new activity zones needs a new storage location or can be given away.

Next, sort your keep items into “like” piles. Paint brushes are in one pile, paints in another and canvas is on a different pile. Your area should now be cleared out.

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Step 3: Containerize your keep items Take a look at your keep piles. First, note the size of your keep piles.

*What size of a container do you need for each pile? Jot that down.

You don’t have to go out and buy new, expensive containers. Instead, look around your home and consider repurposing old containers.

*Can a box hold the canvases?

*Can an old tool box hold your paints? Then, place your newly organized containers in the corresponding zones.

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To wrap up your project, be sure to take your give-away items to your local donation center and trash the unsalvageable items.

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That’s it folks-DUNZO

Now you have time to organize that next room!

More FABU organize tips from her new book at:

~Thanks Renee!