The BEST Tomato Pie

Get ready to IMPRESS your guests!

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This guilt ridden pie my D A D makes is the yummiest.

Super quick & easy prep to…

…  So put on your apron & let’s get cooki’n.




Grocery List:

*1 Pie Crust

*2-3 large slicing tomatoes

*1 Cup Mayo

* 1/8 tsp. Italian Seasoning

*1/2 Cup Cheddar Cheese

* 2 eggs

*1/2 Tsp ground pepper

*Parmesan cheese



1} Buy for timesake a deep dish pie crust & bake according to directions until slightly browned

2} After cooked, let the pie crust cool to the side  while preparing the filling.

An estimation of 15-20 minutes is how long the pie shell needs to cool down.

3.} Slice tomatoes inside the shell. You want larger pieces, so use the same thickness as if you were making a yummo tomato sandwich

4} Add mayo mixture onto tomatoes inside the shell

5} Sprinkle top with Parmesan cheese, which helps brown the top!

6} All done! Bake that goodness at 350 degrees F for 30~40 minutes or until the mixture on top of tomatoes is browned.


Serve : By itself is delic, but accompanied by a zesty ceasar salad &  garlic lemon pepper shrimp is so amazing too.





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