Lindsey & Tami chatting backstage at Wynonna’s concert

Tami has been an absolute pleasure connecting with these last few months & I was ecstatic meeting & chatting with Nashville Native backstage at  Wynonna’s concert in good ‘ol  South Carolina. Tami gave my friends & I Rockstar treatment & I look forward to our next connection already!

Lindsey & Wynonna backstage at her concert, courtesy of Tami!

Sweet as Tea, Tami {@tamiolin} is one of those people you can count on to get the job done but also lean on when you need a friend. I look forward to keeping in touch with this one of a kind gold hearted assistant!


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LH: How did you become a personal assistant & did you have prior experience as one?
Tami: I graduated from college with a degree in Biology and spent nearly 15 years working in the health care field. Although the professionalism and management skills that I carried over from my previous career have been important, honestly, I have found that “life experience” is just as important to me as a personal assistant. For example, when I was 10 years old my mother taught me how to sew (against my will!).

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I never in a million years thought I would use that knowledge or skill again. Now I can repair stage clothes quickly without wasting time tracking down a seamstress. There are so many similar experiences in my life that have become invaluable to the job I do as an assistant.

LH:  Looks like you are about to hit the road again on tour. What items {2 -3 is fine} do you carry with you while traveling to keep busy during idle times? {ex. I like crossword puzzles or apps on my Ipad}

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Tami: What does an idle moment look like? :) I typically use all available minutes I have to catch up on emails and work. In addition to being a personal assistant, I help my boss run her company  {} and I am her road manager and security director. I share in the production duties of the tour as well so there is always a lot going on in my world! For a quick break, I will read a book on my iPhone or iPad.

Image Credit: Tami Olin

LH: You have had over 10+ years experience as an assistant. What tip have you learned along the way that has helped you be your best? {For example, I use for organizing! It’s amazing. }
Tami: I could not live without a task list app on my phone. I use one called “Alarmed” because it allows you to save your completed tasks and, best of all, you can “snooze” reminders. I sometimes find myself with my boss walking through an airport or at a show, video or TV shoot when a reminder goes off. This app allows me to “snooze” the reminder until I know that I have the time to address it. There are so many tasks that an assistant is responsible for so having a way to keep them all in one spot is vital.

{Savvy Note: I personally like “Remember The MILK” app for tasks. LOVE!

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LH:  Southern recipes are close to my heart. What is your go to recipe you can throw together after a long day’s work that takes minimal effort?
Tami: I always try to keep ingredients for chicken pot pie at my house. All I have to do is grab an already cooked chicken from Harris Teeter on the way home and then throw steamed carrots, potatoes, peas and cream of chicken soup in a pie shell with the chicken and bake it. It’s the perfect quick hot meal for my kids.

{Savvy Tip: As an alternative & super quick , I enjoy Amy’s Vegetable One’s also, YUM!}

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LH: What is the BEST part about living in Leipers Fork and where is one place visitor’s should check out when they visit your neck of the woods?
Tami: The Leipers Fork area is breathtakingly beautiful and almost hard to describe, especially in the Spring and Fall. I find a peace there that helps balance the hectic pace of being on the road. The little town is full of really cool shops and restaurants.

Image Credit: Cedric Angeles

Puckett’s Grocery is infamous for great music and a stop at Serenite Maison is a must. The owner is a friend of mine and nobody has an eye for one-of-a-kind antiques like she does.

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Leiper’s Fork is the Second Assistant who raves about it…the other one is Mandy KenKnight Sansom {Faith Hill’s former asst. Click HERE to read her profile }

So why post a picture  when a video will showcase this special place? Here ya go!:

Credit: { Uploaded by Bryan Weskin at:}

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