This Independence Day will be filled with fireworks, sunshine & most likely a long table of calorie loaded temptations.

Keep yourself in bikini shape by opting for more low cal  & S I M P L E options  with these fruit inspired yummies instead:

1} Angel Food Cake with Strawberries &  Blueberries

{My staple during the summer}

~Store bought low fat Angel food cake

~Strawberries, blueberries {or Blackberries}

~Low fat whip cream


2} Frozen Fruit Yogurt Bars

Image Credit: SAC Foodies

~Get your favorite low calorie Yogurt {Greek yogurt is my personal choice}

~Add your Mix of berries {And Nuts or Granola for a CRUNCH} & Stir into Yogurt

{For small pieces, cut up the fruit prior to adding to yogurt}

~Dish into Popsicle trays {insert a popsicle stick into tray}

~Freeze until desired

3} Fruit Infused Water

Strawberry Infused water

~Get your daily recommended intake of H2O by tricking your palate with fruit infused water.

~Go sweet with berries or a little punch with citrus flavored fruit.

~Great to add with herbs as well {basil is my favorite}

4} Skinny Arnold Palmer

Image Credit: Pottery Barn

~AHHH…the Arnold Palmer! Lemonade & Iced TEA-this southern gal will drink this by the gallons. BUT it needs to be S K I N N Y:

~Fill 1/2 of your Glass with  Unsweetened Icea Tea

~Fill the other 1/2 with  low-cal lemonade or Crystal Light

~M I X together. Add ICE  & garnish of your choice

~SERVE in a Mason Jar  {the most important part}

{Garnish with cherries, orange slices, lemon,or mint }

H A P P Y.  J  U L Y 4TH.  H O L I D A Y !

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