It’s no wonder why Bethenny Frankel is so successful. This entrepreneur knows one of the secret’s is to hire GREAT people.

Stepping into Julie Plake’s shoes {Jessica Simpson ones, as they are one  of her fav’s} would be hard to do….& Jackie Lagratta has done just that, beautifully.

On a personal note, I would like to mention both Jackie & Julie have been an absolute joy in communicating with, are ridiculously quick to respond & are truly  just NICE gals.

So a big THANK you to them both & Bethenny is one lucky lady{& just plain smart} to have them.

Image Credit: BravoTV

Meet Jackie, Bethenny’s new  AMAZE assistant:

LH:  How did you get your current position & did you have any prior experience assisting?

{Note}: Jackie is one smart cookie~Did you know she studied Industrial Engineering at Mercer University?

Jackie: This is my first job out of college! I was Julie & Bethenny’s intern for a summer and worked part-time for 6 months pick up all that I could learn about this fast pace job.

LH:  Balancing full-time assisting & a personal life can be challenging. Do you have a system in place for spending time with everyone {Girls night out on Tuesdays & date night Friday, etc.} or just find time when you can?

Jackie: This is definitely something I’m still working on juggling. The perfect balance between work and personal life is hard to achieve.

I love working, I’ve always been driven to keep busy through work, but keeping in touch with my family, friends and loved ones is also a priority. I really take the weekends to hang out with my boyfriend of 4 years, my 18 month old nephew, chocolate lab and my dear friends. Bethenny takes the weekends to be with her family as well. She’s very respectful of family time.

I love being outdoors, so most of the time I’ll do things like hike, bike, walk or run. I also use the weekends to try new restaurants and wine taste. I like to keep it simple on the weekends!

LH:  Finding your way around not only NYC but unfamiliar places when you travel can be tricky . Have you found a certain app you like or use the traditional methods {google maps, mapquest, etc.}?My friend recently told me about the app “waze” for getting directions….it’s super updated, great layout, user friendly AND even shows where current accidents & traffic jams are! ~LOVE~


Jackie: I like to just walk around and find new places. I’ll take the long way on purpose so that I can check out new places. Its so different walking New York than being in a car or taking the subway. You realize how small it is. I also take restaurant recommendations from my friends or Bethenny (she’s never steered me wrong).

LH:  You’ve traveled recently to many places so far like Aspen, Cabo, LA, Miami, etc. Which place was your favorite & what ONE thing or place should a visitor do or go while there?

Jackie: I was obsessed with Aspen. I love the snow and being able to play in it. The air in Aspen was so fresh and crisp, so different from New York winters. I’m grateful that I get to travel with my job, but as you may have seen in Aspen, I was on the mountain emailing off my blackberry!

LH: What 3 items have you found you need in your traveling kit? Mine  are scissors, a travel sewing kit & a travel extension cord power strip.

Jackie: Well there are 2 different “traveling kits”. There is the kit I travel with when I’m with Bethenny, which always includes:

-Double sided stick tape (I’m an emergency stylist for her!)
Skinnygirl Daily Cleanse & Restore packet (she’ll add one to a bottle of water because we travel so much, she likes to make sure she gets enough greens in her diet)
-Red sharpie (for the her to sign with when she meets fans in unexpected places!)

Credit Image: Skinnygirl

My travel kits always includes:
-extra blackberry battery (sometimes you need the extra juice!)
-hand sanitizer (i’m a bit of a germaphobe)
-Mentos pure fresh gum mints (I can’t stand bad breath!)


~Thank YOU Jackie~

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