My dreams are BIG ….

….are YOURS?

Along the journey to success & achieving your dreams will be challenges & unpredictable obstacles.

The difference in  successful people is they are willing to learn from their mistakes, are constant students & are teachable.

They also L I S TE N {’cause we don’t know it all!}

When my path isn’t going as planned & I’m knocked down for whatever reason, I allow myself to cry my heart out, don’t count carbs for a ‘lil bit & have a mocktail…

…Then I dust myself off & remember these 5 things to bounce me back on my path to success:

1} Trust your instinct

Never doubt this. It has rarely been wrong for me. If something feels uneasy or just not right, it is usually for a reason. How flippi’n simple is that? Listen to yourself. Genius.

2} You are who you surround yourself with

Your friends & associations shape & mold you into who you are. Their habits will also rub off on you.

*Ask yourself if your company is lifting you up or pulling you down?

*Are you around a supportive & positive group?

*What accomplishments & drive do they have?

This relates to ALL types of relationships in your life.

*The most successful people surround themselves with others that are smarter &  more successful than they are….learn from them & let them guide you.

3} Listen to your friends & family

Darn it, they are usually always right! Whatever situation you are in, family & friends can view it from a different perspective without having an emotional attachment like you would. They have nothing but your best interests in mind, so rarely will steer you wrong…especially if multiple sources say  the same thing.

4} If you don’t want me, I  don’t want you.

I heard Oprah say this one time & it resonated with me ever since. The world is your oyster with over 6 billion people in it.

No need to waste your efforts on those who don’t want to be with you. It’s going to happen to everyone. And a lot. That’s called good ol’ fashioned chemistry. It comes in the form of friends, acquaintances, strangers,  co-workers, business prospects, employers, employees and in the dating world.

Don’t over analyze it or over think it. If someone isn’t into you for whatever reason, move on. No need to waste the energy on someone who doesn’t desire your time, attention and true self. Focus on those who radiate a  positive energy & truly enjoy you.

5} Just do it

Seriously. Stop talking & just do it.  The most successful people show results & talk less. I enjoyed learning about Abraham Lincoln’s obstacles he faced in becoming the 16th President at a recent conference. Impressive determination.

But above all….

Be Original. Hold Integrity. Pay it Forward.

… &   BE     T H A N K F U L