Image Credit: Sarah Knight

Wow, did I just call Sarah a SAVVY assistant also??

Yes ma’am!

This GO -getter assistant has climbed herself to the top with hard work & determination. Such a pleasure connecting with her & shhh! {does she know that Giuliana is one of my FAV people I’d love to meet? } I won’t tell if you won’t :)

Sarah & I are teaming up with STAPLES  THIS Wednesday to tweet our ‘lil hearts out & give prizes  to celebrate ALL those hard working Professionals in HONOR of  NAPD {National Assistants Professionals’ Day}!

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 S A R A H ‘s  SAVVY inside tips to share with you:

LH: How did you become a personal assistant & did you have prior experience as one?

Image Credit: Sarah Knight

Sarah: I actually started out as an intern! My first internship was at the Style Network’s website, I spent a summer there and then moved onto an internship at the E! News Bureau with Ken Baker. I graduated from college and ended up taking odd production and temp assistant positions at E! when one day Ken told me that Giuliana was looking for an assistant.

Image Credit: E!

He set up a meeting for us on a Thursday and I started working for G the following Monday! I had zero experience, but I’m a fast learner and hard worker. It all worked out because almost two years later, I’m still working with Giuliana!


LH:  You are always on the GO! Do you carry snacks with you to keep your energy up or grab things on the go? What  healthy snack can you recommend that most people wouldn’t know about? {ex} a certain healthy bar, healthy cookie, drink, trail mix, etc.

Sarah: Yes! This is so important! I always keep a Lara bar in my purse for emergencies. Sometimes shoots run long and I can start to feel light-headed and these bars totally save me! I love the peanut butter chocolate chip flavor. I also always carry a water bottle an a pack of gum in my bag.

Image Credit: larabar

LH: Attending events on a constant basis with the perfect outfit can get expensive. What 2-3 stores are your GO to places to look chic on a budget? I’ve heard great things about the site “Rent the Runway“. Have you ever used them?

Image Credit: Sarah Knight

Sarah: I’ve never actually gotten a dress from Rent the Runway, but the idea is so cool! I’m sure I will try it out someday. I actually really love BCBG for awards season dresses. It’s not too crazy expensive and I hate to skimp out on quality. I also really like the UK online site called Asos. They have so many cute dresses at an affordable cost and its free shipping both ways so it’s not a biggie if something doesn’t fit right or suit you.

Image Credit: BCBG

LH:  I’m addicted to Giuliana’s site FAB.FIT.FUN. Do you also contribute tips to that site and either way, which tip has been one of your favorite’s so far {ex. skin care, exercise, etc.}

Image Credit: Fab.Fit.Fun

Sarah: I love it too! I actually have done a few write ups for the site in the past. I especially love the DIY tips for the working girl on the go like me. I love learning about at home remedies like DIY facials and hair conditioning treatments. It’s also a great resource to help stay healthy and make great choices.

Image Credit: Fab.Fit.Fun

LH: Are you involved in any charity organizations for G? If so, what is the basis of the charity and how can fans get involved & support the cause?
Sarah: Since Giuliana’s cancer diagnosis, Bright Pink has become a big part of our day-to-day life. It is a fabulous organization that is run by Lindsay Avner – a great friend and awesome lady.

Image credit: Bright Pink

The organization is all about providing information about cancer for women everywhere. is such a wonderful resource and I am so glad I have had the opportunity to work with them!


Thanks Sarah! You can also see SARAH in action on Giuliana’s show on the Style Network.

Image Credit: Sarah Knight