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Lindsay Myers & I have so many fabulous things in common it was an absolute MUST to interview her!

*Both of us are from the dirty south :)

*Duh…our names are both Lindsey {her’s is spelled with an “A” & mine is “E”}

*We are both proud College of Charleston alum’s {so is fellow assistant Iris Renoux}

*And above all… we both have been assistants & of course have an endless love for Style!

Perfect reasons to hear what this talented young A game Assistant has to share! Thanks Linds!

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LH: How did you become a personal assistant & did you have prior experience as one?

Lindsay: I moved from South Carolina to NYC and my first job in the big city was assistant to two supervising producers at NBC. I quickly became the assistant to the Executive Producer.

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I was with NBC for three years. My next job luckily just fell into my lap. I became a concierge at a high-end boutique hotel in Soho. I was basically a personal assistant to 75 guests at one time. It was really intense, but so rewarding. The hotel and its guest became my family. Unlike most hotels, this hotel was very personable and hands on.


We did any and everything for our guest. This is the place that I met Brad Goreski. He stayed and continues to stay with his boyfriend Gary at this hotel. I had a great relationship with both of them, and at this time Brad has just gone solo in his career.

I knew that I was ready for a change in my life, so I confronted Brad and said, “you need me in your life!” I had no experience in fashion, but I just had this gut feeling that I was ready to move to a new place and ready for a new challenge. This dialogue between Brad and I last for a few months and I just kept saying the same thing, and he was nervous about me moving my life.

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I just kept reassuring him that this was my decision and my life, and I was ready! We both took a chance on each other, and took a giant leap! And neither of us have looked back since. Brad had to trust in me and together we are figuring it all out one day at a time!

LH:  You are constantly having to organize a bazillion pieces of jewelry, shoes & the most amazing styles. What are some cool tips that you’ve learned to keep organized?

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Image credit: Vogueampvintage

Lindsay: I am Brad’s personal assistant and we are extremely lucky to have two fantastic styling assistants. That being said I am thrown into photoshoots and on set a lot and it is sink or swim. You have to be beyond organized.

It is so important to keep every single item of jewelry and accessory together with each look. Even after the look is shot you have to document everything and keep it all together. I dont know what I would do without my IPhone, this way I take a photo of everything, so that I know what goes with everything at all time!

LH:  Moving from NY to LA is a huge adjustment. For those East coasters making a similar trek, what advice can you give them that you learned when you made the move?

Lindsay: NYC is a forever love of my life. Being a concierge there and a general lover of the city, I attempted to see and do everything that the city had to offer. That is of course a forever adventure that is almost impossible to conquer.

I did my best and was ready for an entirely different adventure and a different lifestyle. NYC and LA hold different places in my life. I could never compare them. I dont think it is fair when people put the two cities up next to eachother. You seek NYC and LA for different reasons.

Leaving NYC and coming to LA was a huge adjustment. LA is almost pleasantville, never rains, never overcast, not humid and always sunny. The weather is perfect. But that being said it kind of freaks me out sometimes. can’t have it all!

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The weather in NYC almost killed me last winter. That is a huge reason I moved. I am a beach girl, I needed nature again. So weather aside…As most everyone knows now. You had to drive in LA. That was a massive change. I had not driven in SO long.

And it was all documented on TV…..and I will continue to be defensive of why I was such a bad driver at the beginning..ha! I am a great driver now! It takes time! I do miss the city and the energy.

But LA has a laid back feel that you get addicted to. No one is in a rush, no one is pushing you over to get a step ahead. It all depends on where you are in your life. What you want from a city, because both will give back- just in different ways.

LH: Spring is around the corner & you are in the KNOW on the latest trends! Do tell what 3 things are a MUST to have in our closet this Season!


Denim shirt (Levi)


Pastel anything! Sea foam is my color right now!
Floral prints

LH: What are 2 things readers don’t know about you?


1}My nickname is Lil Bit (because even though I am 5’1 I played basketball)
2}I have stopped graduation ceremonies because I sneeze so loud. It sounds overly dramatic, but my mom and my grandfather are the same way.

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Linds, you are a doll! Thanks for the Organize, LA & style tips!!