Having studied & taught in both London & Paris, Meredith Morris is always in the know of the latest hair trends.  CBS named Meredith the BEST colorist in LA & I swoon over her short hair styles.

Meredith has rocked her adorable short style for over 16 years, and knows how to keep her look FRESH & e d g y .

Mix up  Meredith’s looks below with your latest hair accessories including  bobby pins, headbands, curling & straightening irons.


L O O K  1: Make it Curl!

To achieve this look, use a 1/4″ curling iron. Take sections &  get it as curly as possible. Great look when your hair is one day dirty. The texture is easier to work with. When it comes to curly hair it’s all about the imperfections that make it perfect. Once the hair is curled,  like to pin back different pieces to achieve different looks.

Image credit: Meredith Morris

Image credit: Meredith Morris

L O O K 2 :  Polished Perfection

Play around with hair accessories.  It definitely helps keep short hair fun and always changing.  Try elastic headbands that you buy at your local convenient store.  In this look Meredith pulled all of her hair off  her face.  It makes for a polished professional look.

Image credit: Meredith Morris

L O O K 3 : Faux Upstyle

This is perfect for a simple & elegant evening look. Take a middle section, backcomb and pin.  Next,  give it a sleek look by taking each section to the side, twist, and secure with a pin.  The end result is an elegant faux upstyle.

Image credit: Meredith Morris

L O O K 4:  Braid It

Braids are always a fun way to funk up short hair.  Part your hair and do matching braids down each side. Also  take your side part and incorporate it into a french braid.  Another fun look is to leave out the fringe  rather than just tucking the other side behind the ear.  Braid it back.  This look is awesome on both curly and straight hairstyles.

Meredith Morris

Image credit: Meredith Morris











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