Needing a special picture for my Kitchen, I decided to be crafty & use one of my own!

Every time I make pasta for sup {supper aka dinner for all you other folk}, I smile when I remember the best tasting Gnocchi I had in Italy.

Framing a memory is not only economical,  it is an instant mood lifter!


*Inexpensive frame : Found a pre-matte mocha one at Target on clearance for $14!

*Ribbon of your choice: I chose Chartreuse green to compliment my espresso colored kitchen walls

Image credit: Paper Source

*Select picture of your BEST food dish  memory{for your kitchen}. I chose a black & white photo over colored.

E-mailed Kinko’s the photo & had my memory printed 20 minutes later!

Original image BEFORE cropped & black and white

*Tie ribbon around wall hooks on back of frame. Anchor picture hook into wall{I always use a small piece of tape before inserting nail to prevent wall damage}

Design Inspiration created instantly…from the BEST of memories





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