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Want to know a stylish, crafty, organized and foodie PA? Me too!

It is fitting Kelly Gehrs is the PA to Design Extraordinaire, Nate Berkus

{my go to guy for all decor & style tips}

Follow Kelly on her twitter or Pinterest & you’ll notice she is always making something scrumptious in the kitchen, crafting it up or exploring the latest in NYC. It has been a pleasure connecting with this stylish PA & hearing her crafty tips. Thanks KG!

LH: How did you become a personal assistant?

Kelly: Like most PAs I know, I fell into this career. In my case, it came via a part-time office job with renowned classical violinist/philanthropist Midori during my senior year at Fordham University.

Image credit: Fordham University

The first assistant retired three years later, and at the end, I worked with Midori for nearly nine years as her assistant and projects director. I started working with designer Nate Berkus in August 2010, as his New York-based talk show was launching its first season.

Needless to say, classical music and daytime television are two very different worlds, and I am grateful to have experience in both!

LH:  You are around organization ALL day (my favorite!) What is the BEST organization tip you’ve learned while on the job?

Kelly: Recently, Nate was featured in an article for Good Housekeeping magazine about personal organizing styles – whether you’re a ‘revealer’ or ‘concealer’.

Image credit: Good Housekeeping

Image credit: Good Housekeeping

I am absolutely a ‘revealer’, who loves a file stand and a calendar right next to my desk, with everyday items within easy reach. The lesson is to know thyself – and organize accordingly!

Image Credit: Russel + Hazel at amazon

LH: Being in the design industry, you are surrounded by gorgeous spaces. What tip can you give someone to make their office functional & chic at the same time?
Kelly: For sure, it can be tricky to be chic in a cubicle, but your workspace should reflect your personality and encourage productivity. Go beyond the standard, plain office supplies – for instance, instead of a plain spiral notebook, I scribble notes on an oversized Smart Deck calendar pad from Russell & Hazel and vibrant colored file folders.

Image credit: Ru

Image Credit: Russell and Hazel smart pad

I have pinned up family photos, cartoons and colorful magazine pages on my cubicle’s corkboard. It’s refreshing to glance up from the keyboard to see a tearsheet of a plate painted with pink peonies or my fiancé surrounded by the pigeons in front of Notre Dame.

Credit Image: beachhouseinthecity.blogspot

LH: What on-line sites or designers are your favorites for finding unique pieces? For example, I’m trying to find a trendy/modern dry erase board and toss out my typical white one I’ve been using.

Any suggestions on where to find a great one or how to glam mine up?
Kelly: I’ve always loved the cozy coolness of Etsy and classic deals at One Kings Lane. Just before the holidays, another staffer at Nate’s show invited me to – really fun and unique goods there.

You could make yourself a very cool note board with any large pictures frame and dry erase contact paper. At my local Brooklyn Flea market, one vendor sells large frames made from salvaged wood, and I’m thinking of those as I type to you…



~Thanks Kelly! ~

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