How are your New Year’s  FITNESS resolutions going?

…If you are having challenges in this area, motivation is key.

Here are 7 tips to keep your Fitness Resolutions in check from NBC’s The Biggest Loser Amy Parham

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{Author of 10 Lessons from a Former Fat Girl: Living with Less of You and More of Life  & from my home town!}

1) Make it  P O S I T I V E .

Instead of telling yourself what you are “not” going to do tell yourself the benefits of making the change you desire to make. For example: “I can’t have soda” is turned into “I am detoxing my body and making it healthier so I will feel better”.

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2) Make your goals specific.

Instead of being very general like “I want to lose weight this year” make your goals specific like I want to lose a pound a week until I lose “X” number of pounds.

3) Put a REWARD at the end of reaching your goal.

Whether its a new pair of expensive shoes, trip with the girls, or a massage offer yourself a reward for when you reach your goal. It will give you that extra motivation you need!

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4) Picture it!

Having a vision board for the resolutions you want to make is a great way to stay on track. Put pictures of you at your goal weight, mountains you want to have the energy to hike, or a career you want to aspire to on a bulletin board. Seeing it daily will keep you inspired.

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5) Be thankful.

For example: if your New Years resolution is to get more exercise you can try this. While you are working out try telling yourself how thankful you are that you have healthy legs to run and healthy arms that can lift weights. Being thankful for what you have keeps you looking at your resolutions in the right frame of mind.

6) The buddy system.

Have a friend that may have a common resolution to keep you accountable with your goals. It’s always easier to reach a goal when you have a partner!

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7) Baby steps.

Instead of making 10 resolutions at one time try conquering one thing at a time. That way your focus is not divided and you are more likely to complete what you start!

 ~ Thanks Amy! ~