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Ever wonder what it was like standing up on stage as Miss Golden Globes?

When I found out Rainey Qualley (daughter of Andie MacDowell) was Miss GG, I was uber excited to support talent near my neck of the woods…

{they are from Asheville, NC & Andie originally from Gaffney, SC~I was raised in Greenville, SC}

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Of course I wanted to hear all the skinny on one of the GLAMMEST nights of the year, so what better point of view to have than someone in front of the Glamicons all night?

Here is a backstage look from talented { & beautiful} Rainey Qualley, Miss Golden Globes 2012.

LH: What time did you start getting ready for the GG & tell us about your experience?

Rainey: Hair and Makeup came to my hotel room at 1pm and we had to be on the red carpet at 3. My mom and I were sharing so, we were in a little bit of a rush!

LH:  Did you do anything to prepare for the big moment on stage?

Rainey: I ate very clean and healthy for a while before the show. I wanted to make sure I felt good about myself and that always helps me. I had lots of interviews, and basically everyone I talked to gave me advice haha. It was a very exciting few weeks leading up to the show.

LH: What was the day like for you? Were you nervous leading up to the big moment?

Rainey: I wasn’t nervous about the Globes at all until rehearsal the day before! The room was filled with tables and chairs that all had white boards with the celebrities names and faces plastered on them that would be in the seat the next night.

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It may not sound intimidating, but I was looking out thinking “Holy Crap! Look who’s sitting right in front of me!”

Then, I was pretty calm again on the red carpet. But the real nerves set in the night of the show. For the first 20 minutes my legs felt like Jello!

LH:  When you were on stage, which audience member captivated you the most when you saw them?

Rainey: I spent the most time looking over at my mother and boyfriend. Every time I glanced in their direction, everyone at the table would give me air fives and thumbs up!

LH: You were lucky enough to see all the designer dresses in person! Which one was your absolute Favorite of the night?

Rainey: I thought Salma Hayek, and Charlize Theron looked amazing!


LH:  Did you attend any GG after parties? What makes them so amazing?

Rainey: We went to the Instyle party and the HBO party after the show. The Instyle party was awesome because it was all about Godiva chocolate!

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There were amazing paintings on the walls all made of chocolate, and obviously tons of treats around for everyone to enjoy.

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~Gratzi Rainey!~

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