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A national spot on Lifetime’s AM talk show, The Balancing Act, to talk about Remington’s i-LIGHT Pro  {at home IPL hair removal system}…Sweeeet!

One of the mah- jor perks of being a National Style Ambassador for Remington – LOVE!

Too good to keep to myself, here is a sneak peek inside my trip for Lifetime TV:

Bon Voyage!
~Boca Raton! Who knew Lifetime was filmed in Boca? Fine by me!

Crystal blue waters. White sandy beaches. Swaying palm trees.

~Arrived at Waldorf Astoria….Hello G O R G E O U S!

~Quick polish change ($45 later, hotel prices…geez!)

~40 minute elliptical workout

~Shower and change into a sherbert colored mini dress for dinner.

~Dinner at Lucca with PR rep, Monica, to review the next day’s segment. Dined on Caesar Salad, Pear and Gorgonzola Ravioli and may have snacked on a few of Monica’s Truffle-Parmiggiano Potato Fritti’s (aka awesome French fries!).

Lifetime Shooting Day:

~Breakfast to die for…eggs Benedict {My Favorite!}

~Reviewed segment a thousand times.

~Slip on spanks and MM Couture dress!

-Arrive at Studio & met with PR rep Monica and host Kristy Villa!

~Hair and make-up call time – LOVE getting glammed by pros!

~SHOWTIME! Reviewed segment with host and did my thing!

~Pics with the host, Kristy Villa, chit chat and wrap up for the day.

~Super late lunch.

~Back to hotel and gym workout (yeah right…how about packing & sleep!).

Next Day
~Wake up 5am and get ready for flight home…I’ll definitely be back to BOCA!

Thanks Remington!

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