How does this world traveling assistant  stay healthy & fit?

What is a great addition to take on those chilly plane rides & a great travel buddy to help you sleep?

I’m dying to know like you, so let’s get to it!

The fit and fabulous Julie Trussell!

LH:  How did you become a personal assistant?

Julie: I met Kristin back in 2005.  We met through ex boyfriends.

Two years ago she had a situation where her assistant had been stealing from her and needed someone to help her out for 2 weeks before she moved to NY to start the Broadway show PROMISES PROMISES and so I said I would help.

 Two years later I am still here.  Now I live between NY and LA and travel the world with her.  So basically she tricked me ;)

LH: Did you have prior experience as one?

Julie: No prior experience as an assistant.  I have always been very organized and a people person but had been working as a private fitness trainer before Kristin tricked me:)

LH:  Do you travel quite a bit & if so what are two of your MUST have travel essentials? 

Julie: I travel constantly!  Tomorrow I am off to Tulsa OK, and then from there to NYC.

The must have essentials for me are an AIR REPAIR KIT.  The best facial wash and products that really keep you skin soft and they can be carried on the plane.

Always have a scarf even in summer to wrap around my neck on planes to prevent germs or even just block out light. I also have to have a sound machine in my hotel rooms.  And ambien!!!  Not gonna lie, with all of the time changes I need it.

LH: Keeping fit while on the go can be challenging. What are a couple of your favorite quick exercises for on the go?

Julie: Kristin & I always stay at hotels with gyms.  We usually just walk on the treadmill or do some light resistance training.

But we try to walk as many places as possible and take the stairs when ever possible.

LH:  In combination to being a personal assistant, you are also a personal trainer. How do you balance the two?

Julie: Kristin is a 24/7 job. So the only client I have at this moment is her because our schedule has been so crazy, but we basically get out our workouts in while we are discussing her schedule and other business.

LH: Snacks throughout the day are a must to keep your energy sustained and mind focused!

What are two healthy grab ‘n go ones that you lean towards?

Julie: I love string cheese or almonds.  I also think that any of the 100 calorie pack of treats can be great for someone who travels.

And if you are on the road any starbucks (my favorite) has those grab and go box lunches now.  They are only 300-400 calories and fill you up.  So much better than eating the airplane food.

Thanks Julie!