Kim Greene is Savvy’s  2011 Holiday looks expert!

You are have bound to have seen  her magic makeup wand on the likes of familiar actors such as  Drew Barrymore, Megan Fox, Christina Applegate & Christian Bale.

Kim is lending her Holiday tips for you to look smashing all season long!

LH: Red lips are always perfect for a Holiday Party. What tips do you have in creating that perfect pout and do you prefer certain shade of red over others?

Kim: I love a good red lip! It can look exciting, festive and sexy. The biggest issue with red lips though is that the red can bleed or fade very quickly.

I do have some good tips to make the red last longer on your lips. You are going to “layer” with different products. Think of it as painting a wall! When you paint a room you start with a primer, then at least 2 coats of paint right?! 

So, in our case, apply your foundation on top of your lips as a primer. (layer 1)

Powder lightly with a no color powder. Then apply a lip pencil in a similar shade to your red lip color. After creating the shape you want, go ahead and lightly fill in the rest of your lips with the pencil. (layer 2).

Now with a lip brush apply your red lip color. (layer 3).

Next, with a powder puff or sponge pat a no color powder over your lips. Pat only or you will smear the color. (layer 4)

OK, now it looks and feels way too dry. So add a very light coat of your red lip color to make it look dewy again, but not too much or you’re back to square one! (layer 5)

There are so many shades of red that I really can’t pick my favorite. Just make sure it coordinates with your outfit and looks good with your skin tone. Try different shades and see what you like.

LH: What trends are you noticing now? Cat eyes, neutral shades, bold eyes or something else?

Kim: What I love about makeup right now is that anything goes. I think if you are going to do a red lip then let it be the star and keep your eyes simple.

You can use glitter for a kick but keep it in soft tones. You can add a cat eye with liquid black liner too for a bolder eye and it will work well with a red lip if the lid is neutral and soft.
LH: Most Holiday parties start after a long days work. Not everyone has the time to go home and freshen up. What ways can one freshen up from day to night?

Kim: Going from a day to night makeup is all about intensifying your makeup. For example, add liner and fake eyelashes to your eyes, a bright fun lip color or a touch of glimmer to your cheeks or eyes.

If you are tired, add a touch of white powder eye shadow to the lid of your eyes or a white eyeliner pencil to the water line of your eye. It will brighten you up and make you look awake.

LH: Your cosmetic bags for makeup artists are pretty amazing (love all the pockets)! Do you rec these for only professionals or can others use them to organize their makeup as well?

Kim: I designed my bags with the pro artist in mind but a lot of my customers are non professionals who love to keep their makeup and hair products organized. My bags are strong and durable which is good for anyone!

They are see through and have a number of outer pockets so you don’t have to dig around in the dark to find something specific. And they come in a number of fun colors. You can find my bags at

For more makeup tips check out Kim’s blog.