Think YOUR busy?

After hearing Jim’s daily role & hectic schedule, it is essential Jim have an outlet to relieve his mounds of stress.

Jim Donovan is responsible for advising many of the largest corporate and individual clients of Goldman Sachs (only the 5th largest US bank p.s. ).

In addition, he is adjunct professor at the University of Virginia School of Law teaching classes on corporate strategy & leadership.

Running has been his key to unwind,keep healthy and stay focused.  Let’s hear from this mastermind himself how this form of exercise is essential in his life:

LH: When did you start using running as a way to manage your stress & health? Was there a particular event that happened that encouraged you to start running or did someone introduce you to it?

Jim: I started using it to manage stress when I began my career at Goldman Sachs 19 years ago.  I found that it was a tremendous stress relief –a great outlet—for me to run.

I then made certain that I ran for 30-45 minutes every day no matter what.  No matter how little I slept and no matter where in the world I happened to be, all I needed was a pair of sneakers and running clothes to start my day. I’ve been a convert ever since.

LH: Do you prefer to run alone or do you find it helpful to have a running partner to hold you accountable?

Jim: I actually prefer to run alone.  It is difficult for me to find a regular running partner, but I don’t need anyone to hold me accountable so it’s not a problem.  I never have—I can’t function properly until I get my run in, so it’s self-enforced.

LH: Fueling your body is just as important as running itself. What are your go to power foods you have before and after your run?

Jim: I don’t eat before my runs, but right after my run I eat a breakfast of fruit (bananas and apples) and granola cereal with milk.

LH: I’ve been told you run in the rain, snow or shine. How do you keep motivated when the weather is gloomy?

Jim: I actually find that bad weather is attractive for me to run in—rain doesn’t bother me at all. After a run in rain or snow I actually feel like I have accomplished more than I do when I run in ideal weather. It’s exhilarating.

LH: Do you alternate between other exercises, or is running your sole passion?

Jim: I have incorporated a 30-40 minute pushup/jumpie workout once or twice into my week instead of a run.  This workout is basically designed to generate the same feeling that is created during my run, though.  It is very fast and very difficult.

Thank you Jim for sharing your key to managing it all…Have a great RUN!