SOO over my plastic holder that has ripped 3 times, I made my own AMAZE earring holder!

Super easy & displays like a piece of art. LOVE!

1) Frame: Find an over-sized frame of your liking (Be SAVVY-look in garage & estate sales!)

2) Fabric: Select a complimentary fabric you would like to see through your frame.

Lay the fabric over foam board & secure with tacks.

3) Mesh fabric

I found my pyramid type earring holder at Ace Hardware. The dimensions fit the frame perfectly.

A screen door fabric will also work (can find at Home Depot for  approx. $10, varies with size).

Select a neutral or FUN color! Tack to the back of your frame. Add spacers in between the screen & your fabric for ease in adding jewelry.


4) Earrings-Hang your beloved baubles & display for all those to see!

Makes it a snap to accessorize quickly!

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