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How to get Nina Dobrev’s hair styles with Hair Department Head Daniel Curet.

Emmy nominated celebrity hair stylist Daniel Curet, hair department head of The Vampire Diaries, is the master mind behind all the Hot Vampires you tune into weekly to check out.

First off, let’s mention Daniel is not only MEGA talented & inspiring, he is also tremendously gracious and kind.

Daniel was beyond the perfect hostess on my recent set visit. Every step of the way, Daniel made my Mom (aka camera woman) & I feel like WE were the stars that day. Seriously, the …

most.friendly.set. ever.

Sooo…Just how does Daniel do it??

How to get Nina Dobrev’s hair when she plays Katherine Pierce:

*Take sections of your hair & curl with different sized barrels

*Twist your hair in sections and twirl up & pin while putting on your make-up. When ready, take down the curls and run your fingers through the curl.

*Separate the curls & finish with a light spray to last

Here is Daniel finishing the stunt wig for Katherine Pierce (gotta love me taking the pic in the mirror!-action shot!)

How to get Nina Dobrev’s hair when she plays Elena Gilbert:

*Brush hair and separate into sections

*Use a straightening iron and style towards the back more to get away from the frame of the face

*While in make-up, twist the front piece in place and pin it back

*When you let it go, it has a softening bending look away from the face. Spray to hold & you are Nina Dobrev ready!

P.S. Inside scoop: Be on the look out for some trending FEATHER LOCKS in an upcoming episode on a surprise character. Yay!

A Gigantic THANK YOU to the brilliant Daniel Curet for showing us the styles of Nina Dobrev.

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Another cool part of going on set?? Meeting the actors of course!

Myself & Matt Davis (Alaric Saltzman character)

SO Nice!