Working for the Senior VP of retail giant, Market America

Piece of cake, right?

Not so fast. Although, if you have an amaze PA as Jacyln Ingeman , it’s pulled off effortlessly chic.

Just how does the assiduous Jacyln Ingeman do it all? Her tips are now shared with you below!

LH: How did you become a Personal Assistant?

Jacyln: For my current position I actually responded to a job posting online.  It was originally to work for Loren’s daughter, but after going through the interview process the job was put on hold and then Loren’s assistant put in her notice.

They contacted me to see if I would be interested in working for Loren instead of her daughter and here we are almost 2 years later J

LH: Had you any prior experience as one?

Jacyln: I worked for a friend of mine whose husband plays Professional Baseball.

It was more as a Family Assistant position as I traveled with her and helped her with her children as well and also worked as an assistant/nanny for a family while in college.

LH: What percentage do you travel and what 2 travel tips can you give our readers?

Jacyln: We don’t travel all that frequently.  We mainly live in Miami but spend the summers NYC.  My main home base is Florida, so while we are in NYC, I do travel 1 or 2 weekends a month to Florida.

My best 2 travel tips would have to be:

1. Keep your suitcase organized…the more organized it is, the more you can fit in it.

2. Keep a pashmina/large scarf in your carry-on…that way it can be used while you’re flying as a blanket, folded up as a pillow and then of course to keep you warm if going to a chilly destination.

LH: Assistants need to look put together yet be comfortable at the same time.  What are 2 style items you are loving this Fall season?

Jacyln: : 2 items I can never go without is a simple black blazer and a great pair of jeans.  You can wear them both casually or dressed up…whatever the situation calls for.

LH: How do you manage and balance work, personal time, friends and family?  Do you have a set schedule for yourself or go with the flow?

Jacyln: I work with a family that works tremendously hard, but also plays hard so I think tend to follow their lead.

When in work mode, I work hard with some long hours, but I have an amazing boss who recognizes that I need time away, which is why I get to escape back to Florida for long weekends to re charge my batteries with my family and friends.


Loren Ridinger & her hubby in Haute Living mag

A quote of Loren’s I LOVE & will add to my inspiration journal :

You become what you think about all the time

Thank you Jacyln!

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