Recently at a Remington event, Miss South Carolina Bree Boyce was the guest speaker.

Her speech resignated such a positive empowering message to women on eating healthy & fighting obesity, I knew she was a MUST for SAVVY readers!

So of course I tracked her down backstage and was the first gawking face she saw exiting the blue curtain.

Anything for you Savvy readers!

Bree was nothing but open-hearted & kind, welcoming the opportunity to give back to others.

What is so fascinating about Bree?

Besides winning the hard earned & highly coveted Miss South Carolina title, Bree is well known for once being at 234 lbs & LOST 112 lbs~ WOW!

And all by the good ol’ fashioned, hard & healthy way.

…All the way to the crown.

Here is Bree’s insight on healthy eating habits, along  with her style & beauty tips:

LH: What made you decide to go into pageants and how long have you been doing this?

Bree: My sister always competed in pageants and it always intrigued me how poised and beautiful she was. I secretly wanted the crown but knew until I could be a healthy and relatable role model to others and also have self worth and confidence in myself, that I wouldn’t be comfortable to compete.

When I got healthy and found my confidence, I began to compete. I competed in my highschool pageant my senior year after losing about 60 lbs. then I competed in my University pageant and then in the Miss South Carolina Organization 2 years.

LH: I loved your message about weight loss at the Upstate Women’s show and that we need to be more focused on fueling our body. What are some exampls of snacks you eat through the day to keep fueled?

Bree: I love raw veggies! I usually buy the vegetable trays from wal mart and snack on all the fresh raw veggies whenever my body tells me I need food!

I also love peanut butter and it is a great source of protein. You have to be very careful with it though because peanut butter can be very fattening.

I buy a healthy peanut butter called “Better N’ Peanut butter and it is great! Less fat, calories, sodium, and sugars! Wonderful to put on bananas and celery for a quick and easy snack!

LH: Bree, you must travel quite a bit with your schedule. How do you keep fit while on the road?

Bree: I always say that if something is a priority in your life, you will find the time to put it in your schedule. That is exactly what I do.

Whatever my day may be, I make sure to schedule in an hour of free time to exercise. I also pack healthy snacks such as tuna packs, fruits, veggies, and raw nuts!

If I have to eat out I make sure to remember I am the consumer and I have the responsibility to order what I know is healthy and make changes to a dish if need be!

A salad, protein, and veggie is always a safe way to go! Make sure they don’t fool you and cook your meal in butter! Always ask for olive oil!

LH: Fall is now upon us. What trends are you noticing this season?

Bree:  I am so excited because I love the fall and I love how with the seasons our trends change. I have seen a lot of jewel tones.

Rich vibrant colors such as emerald and plum are going to be very popular this fall. Red is also a very popular color for this season! Leathers and colored jeans are making there way back!

Shorts and boyfriend jackets are also going to be very popular which goes to prove you can take summer items and carry them into the fall and winter seasons!

I love watching Rachel Zoe and seeing what new trends she thinks are hot this season!

LH: Being in the pageant means having your make-up & hair flawless. What are 3 beauty tips you can pass on to Savvy readers?

Bree: 1) I wash my face all the time! I always exfoliate and moisturize before applying makeup! It gives your face a nice glow!

2) Primer, primer, primer! I never apply my makeup without it! It helps eveything stay in place and gives you that “just applied” makeup look!

3) Never go without the 3 main makeup items! I always wear a touch of bronzer, mascara, and Burt’s Bee’s tinted lip balm!

Thank You Bree & congratulations  on all of your accomplishments…we are rooti’n for you when you take to that stage at the Miss USA pageant in Jan.!

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