The BEST part of Fall?

Helloooo…Fall Fashion!

(Ok, the changing leaves & crisp weather aren’t bad either!)

This season I am trying to be more conservative & only adding a few key pieces to my ridiculous over-sized wardrobe already.

Here are my TOP pics:



While attending a recent event, I spied these beauties walking towards me!

Of course I pried the info. from the lady wearing them and instantly ordered them.
They are super comfy & can be worn for hours at a time.


 Sofft Pavia heels in Mouse Grey:




Accessories: FEATHERS!

Feather’s are all the rage and I am on this trend wagon (All FAUX of course!).

This is an inexpensive way to be trendy without spending a lot of dough.

Feather Earrings:

I bought my feather earrings  at a local store for $3 (  told ya I was SAVVY!) .

These styles are everywhere…From Forever 21, to H&M and Urban Outfitters.

This version at Lane Bryant are pretty amazing also ($14.95):











Feather clutch: has detailed Feather clutches, especially the hand-made ones.

If you would like to try the DIY route, here is a great site that shows you how to bring new life into an already existing outdated handbag into a feather wonderland!


Asos Feather clutch (p.s. on sale for $36.59):






Comfy wearable soft knit blazer from Forever21:

This is my go-to jacket-LOVE!

Look of a blazer, but made of soft cotton so feels like a cardigan.

In fact, I have both the grey & the tan since I wear them with everything. PERFECT as your travel wear.










Infinity scarf:

Fringe it up with a POP of color in an Infinity scarf.

Instant warmth around your neck on chilly days.

Fab’rik Clothing store

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