Hangin’ out with  Brandon Branch face to face is now on my To-Do list!

After communicating with him & reading his responses, his personality literally jumps out in his writing with the most sassy & positive energy!

He is the kind of guy you would definitely have on your Christmas party list with a big star beside his name:)

The next time I am in Savannah, I am hoping to come over and  get a “cooking” lesson on how to make the best yummy hummus from Mr. BB.

Until then, enjoy this charming southern right hand of Paula’s like I did:


LH: How did you become a Personal Assistant?

Brandon: I fell into my personal assistant job. I became friends with Paula through her niece, Corrie. I begged Paula for a job, which she gave to me as fan letter opener!

After a year, I worked my way into being a personal assistant. I am currently Personal assistant and Creative Director for the company.  People always ask me how to become an assistant for a famous person.

I always answer, find someone with a big personality and pray they become famous!

(LH: note: uh, oh-I’m in trouble then, lol!)

LH: Had you any prior experience as one?

Brandon: My prior experience was working for a family for 2 years as an estate manager.  I also have a minor in Business from Mississippi State University, which helps a ton.  I really learned through trial and error.

The great thing was Paula really wasn’t famous when I started. So as she grew, so did I.  We both learned this business together. She is the easiest, kindest and loving person I know.

LH: Looks like your southern roots are deep…born in Mississippi & living in Savannah (this southern gal loves that)!

Do you think being from the south has made it easier or harder to adapt to the craziness of the entertainment world?

 If so, how do you handle it when it gets a little rough around the edges?

Brandon: Being from the South has made it so much easier for me in the world.  People love to hear me talk for my accent, find me charming and just seem to like me more.  I am not one of those… “This is all business people”!

 When it does get rough around the edges I just try to make everyone laugh and that kills the tension.  Then I go back to my hotel and run 5 miles on the treadmill to work off my stress!



LH: There is a definite constant you are around all the time…FOOD! What is your favorite quick meal to make after a long days work?

Brandon: My favorite quick meal after a long day of work is just hummus and pita bread with a glass of red wine.  I could live on hummus! I do toast the pita so that is cooking right??

LH: You are surrounded by gorgeous decorated sets all the time, perfected by the best of the best! The fall season is now approaching & it’s time for everyone to decorate in style. What are two simple fall decorating tips to share with others?

Brandon: Two simple fall decorating tips I have are:
1) Bring the outdoors inside! If you come to my house you will always find plants inside. For fall, I will bring in blooming Mums, Bowls filled with Pansies and containers of flowering kale.

I will bring them inside for 2 weeks then plant them in my garden.  I love to take green reindeer moss and tuck it around my containers to hide the plants pots.

2) Cut giant branches of fall leaves.  I have this great entry table that I use a large vase on and fill with fall branches.

I love when the leaves fall onto the table and the branches tip the ceiling.  Go big or go home!

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