My new FAB ab site for on the go???

Oh, I’m in love!

Keeping your core tight is a necessary part of your exercise routine.

It is the fundamental part of your body that keeps everything else in check! “If your CORE is tight, then your doin’ alright”! Yes, that is cheesy cheese but it works!

This site is:
*Great for on the go! I take my Ipad to the gym & look up the day’s routine!

*The routine changes daily!!! Mixing it up keeps you from being bored & stopping muscle memory.

*The site is FREE

*Can’t remember what the Pendulum or Side Crunch is? No problemo…watch the simple video (no words! LOVE)

*Exercises are SOOO SIMPLE. Basic ABS 101

*Want to combine your own routine? Go to the Ab Exercises tab and take your pick on the list of ab exercised to whip your booty into shape!

Need energy?….here is my yummy pick me up treat I take when lagging the energy to work out:

Sharkies energy chew…Watch out! Once you take one, be prepared to GO!

* I heart  that they are a natural Organic energy chew…no artificial flavors, dyes or synthetic ingredients

*No High Fructose Corn Syrup or Trans Fat

Need a NEW Mix for your workout?

Mine changes constantly, but here’s what’s on my play list today (very eclectic!)

*Animal (Neon Trees)

*Stay with me night (Jeff Osborne-yes going old school!)

*Money Maker (Ludacris)

*Gasoline  (Britney Spears)

*Gucci Gucci (Kreayshawn)

*Raise Your Glass (Pink)

*In My House (Mary Jane Girls-old school)

*Black & Yellow(Whiz Khalifa)

*Like a G6 (Far East Movement)

Of course I cool down with Barbra!!!

*That Face (The one & only Barbra Streisand..currently my fav song on her new album!)

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