Give me a project to organize, and I’m in heaven!!

Always on the go, sometimes my handy notebook is MIA. My amigo Wendy told me to check into Evernote and boy am I glad I did!

I’m addicted!

Recently in a PR meeting ,I downloaded the FREE Evernote app on my IPAD and voila!

Notes galore begin. My brain is all over the place with as many projects I am working on at once.  It truly has been easy breezy to organize different notes & ideas on separate projects using this application.

Cool features about Evernote:

*Access everywhere as it works with nearly all computers, phones & mobile devices

*Find what your looking for with a tag, keyword or even handwritten texts!

*Capture everything! From photos, thoughts, recipes, ideas…the works! is another super duper application to assist you in keeping on top of  your bills, financial statements, etc. without having a huge paper trail.It allows you to keep everything in one place & the best part…only ONE password!

Actually,the second BEST part…it’s FREE!

*Sends you automatic reminders of upcoming bill due dates to avoid late fees

*Cuts down on paper bills, A++ for the environment

*All bills & financial statements in ONE place..saves you TIME

So GO AHEAD…and GET Organized!

Note: This is not a sponsored post…just my overjoyed fondness for these FAB organizing tools!

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