If I had a couple of words to describe Felicia Culotta it would be…Sweet Tea.

Sweet tea is southern.sweet. And you always crave more.

When you are around FE, you want to kick off your shoes, sit on the

porch, have a glass of sweet tea & talk for hours about everything.

Ya just want to listen to her speak about life.

It’s so nice when two friends have something in common. We both have had Brit as our boss , been PA’s in the music industry & LOVE skincare! But the BEST part of FE?

She’s just plain wise.

Kindness & wisdom are a hard combo to find nowadays, so I consider myself lucky to know Ms. Fe.

Felicia is gracious enough to share a bit of that wisdom with YOU!

What a treat for you readers ! Enjoy hearing from the Fabulous FE!


LH: How did you become a personal assistant?

FC: I became a PA 15 years ago. I have known Britney’s mom, Lynne, since Brit was 7 and she asked me to help her. Her youngest child was entering 1st grade and Brit just got a developmental deal with Jive Records and Lynne felt the need to stay home.

Having lived in NY two years prior, as a nanny, Lynne felt I may have a lay of the land and could be of assistance getting 15 year old Brit to and from recordings & meetings.  I said I would do it for 3 months. I humbly say now-it has been 15 years & 3 months!

LH: Did you have prior experience as one?

FC: No prior experience-I have a BS from Ole Miss in Dental Hygiene and was a pediatric RDH for 8 years prior to being a nanny for 3 years.

LH: You have traveled all over the world!! What one place is on your list to return to & what about the place did you like the most?

FC: I have truly been blessed with the ability to see this world of ours and never realized how much I suffer from “Wander Lust”!
Oh-the most favorite list is LONG!

Bellagio, Italy; Lyon, France; Mont St. Michel,France; The Italian Alps; Cotswolds,  England; Glasgow ,Scotland; Vancouver BC; Cork Ireland; St. Petersburg, Vienna; Austria-

OH the list could take up to 2 pages!

My favorite thing about each of these cities were it’s cleanliness, the hospitality of the native people, their acceptance of us as tourists, their “LOVE” of western culture-their appreciation of us as visitors & their embrace of & yearning to learn & use the English language.

Oh-add Helsinki & Oslo, Norway. UGH-I LOVE to travel!!!



LH: I know from experience it is tough to pack for a tour! You must travel light but still look cute! What are your packing tips?

FC: As for packing-I’m the WORST. You’d think by now I’d be a pro, but NO!
Finally, this tour (My 11th w/Britney), I got (via a special gift from my friend and Donna Karan’s chief of staff) a BURTON bag! It is 2 suitcases in One! It TOTALLY unzips (in 2) to put on the plane, get off plane, zip together to easily pull ONE suitcase!

I’ve done better THIS tour than ever before & I give FULL credit to my beautiful gift of my BURTON suitcase! (& NO I’m by no means an endorser of ANY suitcase! This is just MY personal and well traveled experience!!)

My travel “MUST haves” are very simple (& personal to me-not a must have to anyone else-but I can’t be without!)

My St.Christopher’s medal-he’s the patron saint of travelers! Given to me by Dad whose worn one for 56 years!

And my Ladybug ring-a gift from my sister! When overseas I have a watch with 2 faces & on the back is engraved “So you’ll know when we’re thinking of you” meaning the face that’s set to “Mississippi Time” is when my family is thinking of me!

It was a special Christmas gift from my family before Brit’s first world tour!

So- NO special packing tips-so sorry! Again-I’m the worst! Too many clothes-too many NO matches!! Ha!

LH: Do you have a favorite garment or shoe you like to travel with that is comfortable AND you can wear all day?

FC: One of the articles I LOVE to travel with (all weather taken into consideration) is a HOODED sweatshirt/jacket!

I ALWAYS get cold in the airport & on the plane, so I keep a hoodie in my carry on! I LOVE my “Juicy” one, my “Lucky jeans” one & JUST BOUGHT a longer length red one @ ROOTS here in Canada yesterday!!

LH: Not only are you about to go on tour again, you have also ventured into a new area…skincare. What made you get into that field & what is your skin care regime?

FC: I was quite honored to be asked to tour again with Brit and my role this time round is Hostess & Tour Guide for the VIP party that we have @ each show! It’s a new addition to Brit’s tours & I am HONORED to be a part of it!

I am enjoying it daily & the highlight for me was to get to sit down with each department and find out fun facts to share with folks on the tour. I will say (& with tons of shame) that I REALLY didn’t know what everyone did & how very important everyone’s jobs were. Example-Riggers, Carpenters, Lighting, Video, Audio, Pyro, Catering, Wardrobe, etc.

Before I got the offer to tour again, my 2 dear friends Jill & Lynne (Brit’s mom) and myself decided to join forces (with the makers of ProActive) Rodan & Fields Dermatologists and be consultants for their skincare line –by the same name!

It’s FABULOUS skin care & covers the 4 Reasons a person would see a Dermatologist-Sun Damage-“Reverse” Adult Acne “UnBlemish” Irritation-“Soothe” & Wrinkles “Anti-Age”.

I’ve use ProActive for 12 years and when I FINALLY realized I no longer had pre-pubescent skin!(HA HA @ 46 yrs. of age!!) I needed a change, and tried EVERYTHING –to my disappointment & dismay. THEN I got invited to a Rodan & Fields Event & fell in LOVE with these products! (The eye cream is the BOMB!!)

I started off with the UnBlemish and now have moved on to the Reverse (I’ll use it all summer to help reverse the sun damage I’ve gotten over the years of not proper sun screen use…) THEN, I can’t wait to graduate to the Anti Age & use it for the rest of my life!

So-they have 4 regimes for EVERY skin need, & ONE eye cream for ALL! I’ve also learned that the Dr.’s that created these products did this to keep you from having to go to the Doctors so often, BUT they still stress a yearly visit for “MOLE checks” & they stress SPF Daily!

(The line also has a WEEKLY Vitamin D3 tablet!! ONCE a week & not DAILY D3 and I’ve heard from ALL sources that if you could only take ONE vitamin, it should be D3!! And we offer that!!)

Anyway-forgive my ranting! I am so excited to have discovered my skin care regime for Life!! (also it’s on an AUTOSHIP policy every 8 weeks so it’s a NO BRAINER!! and just when I run-out, it’s THERE!!)

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