I’ve tried a d i a r y ….

wasn’t for me.

Over the years I noticed it was a chore to write in my diary and every time I looked at it or opened it up, I didn’t have a good feeling.

Maybe because I knew what was inside.

Sure there were some good times I wrote about. GREAT times actually.

But there was also a lot of things I’d rather NOT remember. Life is tough and re-reading some entries were such a bummer!

SO, I’m turning things around for myself!

I love the idea that Oprah has a Gratitude journal, but knew that wasn’t for me either. I send my daily gratitude’s to the man upstairs every day.

What I did notice were quotes, inspiring tidbits people said or whatnot’s that I had scribbled in random places. These words of wisdom needed their own space.

an I N S P I R A T I O N A L  journal!

SO  now, whenever I am inspired from some one’s words, thoughts, actions…I write it down.

On the quest for the perfect journal, nothing quite fit. My recent visit to Paper Source in Old Town Alexandria was where I came upon my baby blue beauty. Actually, my sis pointed it out and knew it was for me.

This journal doesn’t make me feel guilty when I haven’t written in it for months,doesn’t bring back memories I’d rather not remember and doesn’t judge me on my life’s conquests.

It simply JUST IS.


If this method works for you, here are a few of mine I adore to inspire yours!

*Be the change you want to see in the world~Gandhi (My all time FAVORITE quote)

VERY inspired from Oprah’s finale show-LOVE-her words:

*You will receive in direct proportion on how you give

*EVERYBODY is called to do something

*You have to know what sparks the light in YOU so you in your OWN way can illuminate the world

*Start embracing your life that is calling you & use YOUR life to serve the world

*NOBODY is responsible for your life, except YOU

*Don’t wait for someone to fix you, save you or complete you

*You are worthy b/c you were BORN. You alone are enough

*E v e r y b o d y wants to be  HEARD. period

*Every single person you will ever meet shares that common desire. They want to know:

-Do you SEE me?   -Do you HEAR me?  -Does what I say MEAN anything to you?

*What are the whispers in your life?

*Your life IS speaking to you….what is it saying?

*You are responsible for the energy that you bring yourself & for the energy you bring to others

If this is up your alley, then search for the right journal that speaks to you & entry away!

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