If visiting DC for a bit, Old Town Alexandria is a MUST to visit. Out of all the sites & places I noted on my recent first visit to DC, this small town charmed me the most.

Quaint. Quiet. Clean. Friendly

The feeling: If  Charleston met Santa Barbara.

cobblestone streets│cafes│waterfront

What stuck out the most were the people. THE friendliest. It was nice to have a GOOD conversation with a friendly stranger after the shoveling and pushing of the metro ride on the way to this quaint town.

A plethora of favorites were on my list, but I narrowed them down for your first visit to this once Colonial port, dating back to 1749:


Use the metro to get to Old Town. It’s just a few stops from DC, and best to use on the weekend when the metro is virtually sans people. Take the metro to the King Street Stop. After exiting the station, either walk the 10 blocks to King Street or take the FREE shuttle bus outside the station.


 After looking at a gazillion of cute restaurants, my sis & I gave this mom/pop’s cafe a shot. Nickell’s & Scheffler  Boy am I glad we did. Ran by a husband & wife, the banter alone between the two cracked me up.

Have your order ready ’cause the chef ain’t messi’n around. He’s got sandwiches to put together!

BEST Gazpacho!! Cool. refreshing . a kick of spice

Do the 1/2 sandwich & soup combo for a light fare. The melted brie,tomato basil sandwich is perfect. DON”T forget to refresh yourself with the MINT infused iced tea. YUM

Of course I finished my lunch off with a Blue -sprinkled star cookie!

p.s. The front window is deceiving. The seats are in the BACK, so plenty of room to relax while lunching


 Current Boutique is on my list of boutiques to visit every time. They specialize in modern consignment, only taking top of the line designers in mint condition. After looking through the merchandise, I had to take a double take if this was a consignment store. Everything looked brand new! Not to mention the amazing designers they had. Very impressive. A chic 3/4 quarter cropped blazer made it’s way to my home that day.

Don’t miss out shopping at this Modern consignment paradise!



Torpedo Factory. Head to the waterfront for a great view & boat ride, a tour of the Torpedo Factory, check out the guy playing Mozart on water glasses and of course meeting all of the amazing artists inside.

Tip from the locals: The artists inside the Factor prefer to not have their picture taken, so  save your flashes for other smiling faces.


Last but not least, decorium is a decorator’s paradise. Actually, it’s just a flippi’n cool store. Even the store front is posh. My eyes were overwhelmed with every space utilized in the store.

Unique pieces like the emerald or sapphire chandelier, British covered dressor or branches intertwined throughout the store are just plain eye candy.  Don’t touch anything & enjoy!

thank you OLD TOWN Alexandria  for your charm, uniqueness & friendly smiles. I shall return.

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