*If I talk about my cellulite, please stop me

*As I complain about my spider veins, point out they are under healthy unburned skin

*When I tell you my legs are too big, remind me I have them

If I complain about my looks that day, show  me pictures of the woman who have survived horrific circumstances and would dream to have my face & body.

Do I care about beauty? Yes, I do

I am a licensed esthetician, beauty is a part of me. Skincare is a huge passion of mine. In our society, our looks do get us farther in a lot of situations. Fact of life, unfortunately.

However, I think we as women forget just how beautiful we are.  We harp on ourselves about the small things




It never stops.  I’d like to know ONE woman who’s not counting calories during their meal or thinking of their body image on a daily basis. What woman doesn’t criticize themselves everyday getting ready in the mirror?

We are subconsciously trained do this to ourselves from years of reading fashion magazines, watching t.v. & movies, billboards & massive ad campaigns. Any CVS , Target , Sephora or department counter will show us images of what a Cover girl is supposed to look like.

What is my point in posting this? I hope this post allows us all to stop harrassing our own selves a little bit less &  reflect inside. Your gifts are inside of you and are limited to be let loose every time you focus entirely on your looks.

Will this post completley stop us criticizing ourselves? Nope, I doubt it. I’m hoping it will at least lessen it for this week. Or maybe just for T O D A Y….or this H O U R.  Something.

So today, I’m beautiful. 

I will keep my short haired, brunette, 5’2 self today & not complain about longer legs and thinner thighs. Scouts honor.

 Why? Cause that’s ME. That is how the good man upstairs wanted little ol’ Lindsey to be.

That’s my beautiful. What’s YOURS?

My inspiration? These women below.

The next time you have a bad hair day, make-up day, break-out on your chin, a few extra pounds, I want you to re-read these posts on the following three inspiring women & say to yourself….I’m beautiful just the way I am. I am not going to complain…

Not today

Beautiful woman #1: Jacqui Saburido

Engulfed by flames from a car accident, Jacqui’s skin, hair & face were burned. Jacqui expressed to Oprah that she still feels the same way inside, even though her physical appearance is not the same. 

Note: This reminds me when I do see someone physically altered in public, do not  look away your eyes or put your head down. Your smile needs to brighten and eyes locked. You need to recognize their beauty, especially as a survivor.

Jacqui also stated to Oprah she is glad she survived the accident. She still battles depression and has undergone over 120 operations so far.

Thank you Jacqui. You are an example for other women to find their inner beauty as well.

More of Jacqui’s story can be read at: http://www.oprah.com/oprahshow/Oprah-Reveals-Her-All-Time-Favorite-Guest

Beautiful woman #2: Katie Piper

Katie was an up & coming media personality, adorned by fans across the globe. While living in London, her boyfriend had a cup of sulphuric acid thrown in her face.  The acid also slipped down her throat, disfiguring Katie further. Known for her beauty, Katie had it taken away in mere seconds.

Katie has since had over 30 exhausting operations and is now sharing other inspirational stories on her new series. The link for her new series is at :http://www.channel4.com/programmes/katie-my-beautiful-friends

Note: credit to www.dailymail.co/uk; reported by Nicky Murfitt

Beautiful woman #3: Monica Jorge

Most of us are familiar with Monica Jorge, but here is a friendly reminder. When you go to the gym tonight, ride your bike through the park or simply take your dog for a walk, be thankful in that moment that you can do so with ease.

Monica can’t simply tie on those running shoes and go. What a gift it is for most of us.

Monica survived a flesh-eating bacteria after giving birth to her second daughter. However, it was at the price of losing her arms & legs.

Her ovaries, uterus, gallbladder and part of her colon were also removed the same day. The mother inside Monica faced her battles and went home to start raising her new born child.

Today, it has been over 3 years since Monica faced that life changing time and perseveres as she raised her daughter, Sofia. How amazing this mother can go on with “it is what it is”. Just amazing.  Thank you Monica!

More of this story can be seen at: http://www.oprah.com/oprahshow/A-Warrior-Mom-Gets-the-Surprise-of-a-Lifetime/1

Thank you to Jacqui, Katie & Monica

I will not complain today in honor of you three Inspiring, Amazing woman