Angelina Jolie, Ben Stiller (yes, men too!), Catherine Zeta Jones, Drew Barrymore, Eva Longoria, Gwen Stefani and of course…Lindsey Holder!  From A to Z, Carla Kay has manicured everyone in the sunny hills of LA.

During my manicure with Carla, I noticed one thing imparticular…no pain. I wasn’t flinching, pulling my hand back when my cuticles were handled or nails filed. The entire manicure was…smooth.

I learned that day that manicures are not supposed to be painful. Your manicurist SHOULD know how it feels on the other end and your manicure session should be enjoyable…not filled with flinched eyes and hand spasms.

Thank you Carla for the most amazing manicure & introducing me to gel nails (the kind that does not Buff your nails!, so no damage done). I’m now an addict.

For more nail inspiration, Carla will share her nail’s BEST!

LH: How did you transition from working in an LA salon to the Cloutier Remix agency?

CK: I was working for a salon as the Spa Manager in 1998 and my client said to me you are really good at what you do you should have an Agent, to my surprise I didn’t not know this existed. She set up an interview with Madeline at Cloutier Remix and a month later I found my self at the Universal Amphitheatre at a Sting Concert backstage working with his wife giving her a man/pedi, it was the best experience of my life, and since then things just took of for me.

LH: What is a reoccurring nail problem you have found a lot of women have & how do you suggest to correct it? (ex. dry cuticles, hang nails, thin nails, etc)

CK: The most reoccurring nail problem I have seen is yes hang nails and peeling cuticles. Hang nails can occur if the manicurist tapper’s the nail too much and the cuticle peeling sometimes happens if they are cut too much, my suggestion when getting a manicure is to push back and wipe off excess skin and only cut what needs to be cut, do not take of the whole seal this is there to keep our nails healthy, and cuticle oil is the key, lotion will not do the trick by itself always apply cuticle oil, even olive oil will do.

LH: A lot of women who are stressed tend to take it out on their nails. What do you suggest a nail biter do to keep this habit controlled?

CK: For the ex nail bitter that I am I feel like either putting on acrylic to stop the habit or getting a gel manicure either way once you start manicuring your nails and see how beautiful it make your hands you will eventually want to stop the bad habit, when you are out sometimes it’s the first thing people will notice, if you have well manicured nails they will get a compliment for sure!!
LH: What color do you miss that would see a comeback soon?

CK: I’m not really sure about a color I miss be there are so many wonderful shades out there, even more than before!
LH: I’ve noticed a trend in pointy oval shaped nails and NOT a fan-it looks like they are about to stab someone! What is your ideal nail shape for a women?

CK: I shape the nails depending on the shape of each individual, if they have a wide nail I would shape square with rounded edges, if they are skinny long or short nail beds I would go more oval. I think the very pointed look is great if you are shooting Vogue magazine or a music video but every day life I would say not a good idea. 

LH: What trend have you noticed making it’s head way for spring & summer?

CK:Trend for summer is bright colors as well as soft brown lillac’s, some people are doing a reverse french with a soft color for the base and a brighter color on the tips.

LH: side note:  Carla recommends Essie in Merino cool for a top color choice!
LH: Your favorite nail care product is….

CK: My favorite nail care product would be Essie, I love their cuticle oil that is the same size bottle as the polish, you can carry this in your purse and on the plane .It’s great to have in your bag so you can apply on the go!!! The polish is so rich and creamy and does not streak and sometimes can go on great with just one coat. My favorite basecoat is Rejuvacote by Duri it really makes the nails hard and repairs nails from even wearing arcylic for many years it’s amazing.

Thank you Carla! Next trip to LA I look forward to another Mani at it’s BEST!