All I can say is ….WOW!

….The RED  carpet was definitley rolled out!

The weekend started with a  trip to LA-a driver of course was waiting for Muah to take me to the fabulous W hotel in Hollywood. A MUST stay at if you have not tried it.

Off to lunch on the poolside terrace..the fish tacos a must try as well.

Next, it was SO GREATto meet the other 3 Remington Style Ambassadors! We will make a rocki’n team!

Off to the conference room we went to learn about our new gig! To my surprise, a media team was waiting on us with camera, sound and still shots ready to go.

It took me off guard, but I’m used to being around cameras (just not on me!) but I forgot they were there about 20 minutes into it. The meeting was a mixture of fun icebreakers to get to know the other girls on the team. The entire weekend was hosted by Remington and their PR representative, Brains on Fire (which I must give a HUGE shout out to their amazing team! I just adore Geno, Amy & Cathy!!)

Off to dinner we a go-go in the limo to Hal’s Bar & Grill in Venice Beach ( All the while being followed by camera crew each step we take. Watch out Kardashians…the Remington girls are in town!

Hal’s is great by the way!! The seafood medley & blueberry crisp blew my detox out the water. Worth every bite!

The next day rolled around and the Remington team was up to present! They impressed me with their knowledge on their broad product line and to learn their global impact on being the #1 in certain markets in hair care tools. So excited to be a part of this team!

Megan took control of their products and showed Kelly (another fabu style ambassador) directly how to use the hair tools. I can’t wait to get my hands on the wet to straight straightener and T Studio Pearl wand!

Here’s a quick peak at an assortment of tools we learned about!

Next on the agenda came the GLAM team! We were treated with manicures, make-up and hair creations (as I like to call them) by Richard Marin. How exciting!!

After all, you gotta look HOT  for filming!! We headed off to the studio via limo to start filming.

Our set was gorgeous and everyone did such a great job! I can’t wait to see the finished product & share with you! After filming, we did individual promo pieces and my cheeks were officially burning  from smiling!

What a special time we had and built up our appetite for din!

The group headed this time to The Tar Pit in West Hollywood (  I laugh now remembering  our driver literally took us to the “TAR PIT” that is known in LA. Too funny! We did finally make it the restaurant and I love the vibe of this place!

Very 40’s, loungy feel. Chandeliers, warm greys & beige colors, jazzy music and beveled mirrors at every corner. This place felt like walking into an old Hollywood starlet’s living room instead of  a swanky restaurant.

Needless to say, detox still out the window. Instead, mac n’ cheese & french fries were the appetizers of choice all around. I came back into a healthier play with the grouper as my entree. Flaky, tender, seasoned perfectly.

A little side note: Remington made me feel super special when each night I came into my room and a small token of  gratitude was on my bedside. I was welcomed with a gift bag, a black rhinestone Remington shirt one night and the last night was perfect with a golden box of Godiva chocolates waiting as my nightcap.

The next AM a morning meeting wrapped things on the agenda and it was off to catch  my plane. I will miss the ladies but looking forward to seeing them in New York in 3 weeks!!

The Big Apple, here we come! Can’t wait to post more about our next Remington Red Chair Ready girls adventures!!

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