It’s that time of year…Spring Cleaning! The one area that I get exhilarated, over whelmed, challenged and indecisive with is…

MY Closet!!

Man, do I have a TON of clothes!!! A ridiculous amount actually. On the verge of embarrassing. I have confessed my shopaholic habits in the past (I do shop within my means though, no debt! Must stress that is important!) so that comes as no surprise.

Of course, Carrie Bradshaw’s closet will be used for inspiration in this post.

Even so, I’m sure most women do not have two full closets, containers in storage, canvas storage bins using every inch under my bed AND a Retail strength 74 inch garment rolling rack standing in their room.

Yep, enough said.

A LOT of clothes!

This season I have decided to TACKLE these mounds of clothes with a plan. Here it is:

1.) My goal is to wear something new each time an outfit is needed. This does not include daily wear like workout clothes or p.j.’s

Once the outfit has been worn, I am turning the hanger opposite on the clothing rack to show it has been worn.

2.) The day I configure my magical fantastico outfit, it MUST go if:

*It doesn’t fit properly at that time

*It is outdated

* I never wore it the year prior and still don’t “feel” like wearing it that day.

If either of those  apply, it’s TOSS time!

3.) If the piece meets any of the conditions above, I am shucking that sucker into my pop up hamper. When the hamper fills up, I will review all of the pieces one last time.

4.) After all garments have been reviewed; I will take the quality pieces to a local consignment store and donate the rest.

TA DA! I am looking forward to seeing how long it will take me to wear EVERY piece for the summer! The goal when finished is for my closet to represent pieces I am truly wearing and not taking up space just to “look” at.

I am not restricting myself to not purchase another fabu outfit if I see one but making a conscious effort to acknowledge the ridiculousness currently residing in my closet(s) and give those pieces a chance to make their appearance!!

I challenge all of my SAVVY readers to do the same!! Off to select my new charming outfit for tomorrow!