Recently, I did a giveaway for During that giveaway, I asked readers what travel tips they used.

What a G R E A T response! It was so much fun reading every one’s tips &  I am eager to share them with YOU!

 From games to play with kids to how to maneuver through securitywith ease, enjoy & USE these helpful tips from other Savvy Assistant readers!

 Julia M: My travel tip has to do with travel with a little one. My in-laws did this for us on our way back from their place last trip we made to see them. (They live 8  hours or so away.) Have some little fun gifts wrapped up to open when specific things happen on the trip to make it more fun for your child.

My in-laws had things like little books, puzzles, fun treats, etc. They had written on the outside when to open. For instance, first gas stop, first deer seen, first bathroom break, etc.

 Melissa C: My travel tip is that I love going to CVS or Target and getting the $1.00 samples to take on trips…that way you don’t have to take your full size shampoo, soap, toothpaste etc. from home. It definitely saves lots of space in your luggage, and also it’s great to have it in a plastic bag for when you go to the airport.
You can  just pull out everything quickly and then put it back! I love samples, and even save the samples from hotels to use on other trips.

Jan K:
  If you are traveling together with family or friends, pack a few things in someone else’s luggage and a few of their things in your bags. Then, one of you lose your luggage during travel, you will still have some things you can wear until the luggage shows up or you can get to the store.
Ryan R:  Before you get to the TSA screening point, put all of your metal, change, wallet, watch, etc in to a sealed bag or jacket pocket.  This way, before and after, you are not scrambling through several pockets for your valuables. Also, take an iPad instead of a laptop.
 Heather B: Compressor bags!!! They’re plastic bags you put your clothing into, and then roll the bag to push all the air out. This allows for MORE room in your luggage for MORE clothing, MORE accessories, and/or MORE shoes!!
Rosalynn A:If you are prone to motion sickness, pick your seats online and try to get a seat near the wings in the middle, most stable part of the aircraft. Also, always wear socks on the plane so your feet don’t swell up from all the air pressure (so I’m told, not sure if it really works :).
Theresa L: Water, lots of clean water. I prefer the taste of my own water. For seasickness, I highly recommend ginger. It is recognized by the FDA an alternative to drugs. It is good for cancer and morning-sickness nausea. The Ginger People make the best from real ginger, not flavoring.


Deborah R : When you travel to a different time zone, set your travel alarm to that zone before you pack it. It’s one less thing to do after an exhausting day of travel.   
 Jennifer S: Always pack a variety of different-sized plastic zipper bags in your suitcase. They take up next to no space, but are endlessly useful! (instant ice pack. leaking toiletries. wet bathing suit. underwear. a day’s worth of Advil/vitamins. keeping your wallet dry while at a water park. etc.)
Kathy H: I keep a list in my laptop bag with all of the power chords and chargers I need to take on vacation with me. Nothing is worse then to forget your iPod charger, cell phone charger or the chord to plug your digital camera into your laptop and have a dead electronic. I run through the list a couple of days before the trip in case I need to search a little for a chord.
 Jill M: I always pack each person a small carry on backpack. For me it might contain an ereader and some fruit and bottled water. For the kids it might contain their favorite small toy, snacks, bottled drinks, a travel pillow and a travel blankie. It makes travel much more comfortable for everyone
because they have something that is familiar to them.
Jill L: Carry a weather radio when camping. A little rain won’t hurt, but don’t want to find yourself in a flash flood or tornado.

Gail W: We like to travel in our RV. I make casseroles and marinade meat to store in the freezer. When we get where we are going, it is quick and easy to prepare a meal. This leaves more time for outdoor fun!  

Hale S: When you fly always wear slip-on shoes. Athletic shoes may be comfortable, but you waste time getting them on and off for TSA.  
Shaunda E: Always bring an extra pair of glasses with you. You never know when you’ll break your glasses and it would be a hassle to get a new pair.

Jen M: With kids, I always pack juice boxes and dry portable snacks in my bag so that we avoid the “hungries” meltdowns. Also, always carry clean sippy cups and wrapped straws in case you go somewhere that doesn’t have kid friendly cups.

Tony S: My travel tip is to pack in advance and have everything ready so that you do not have to rush and try to remember things.
Thank you ALL for you GREAT travel suggestions!! Now get a packi’n and head to your next destination!!
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