What a cool job I have! Every time I interview another amazing assistant, I pinch myself how lucky I am. When their responses hit my inbox, I immediately scour through them for insight, tips & great information to help out other assistants.  This month’s profile is on Kelly Kall, Alyssa Milano’s power house assistant.

First off, I want to comment on what an adorable picture of  Kelly & these two cuties are! This is LucyGibson, Alyssa’s beloved canines, at their “Touch” NFL commercial shoot.  They are just as recognizable as Alyssa! I have been following Lucy’s health issues through Alyssa’s & Kelly’s tweets ( @Alyssa_Milano and  @Coach_Kall). Looks like Lucy is on the way to a recovery. Wishing you the best LUCY!!

Kelly, Thank you for doing this interview! Your schedule is insanely hectic, so Assistants worldwide appreciate your Insight & Advice in Advance.


LH: How did you get your start being an assistant?

Kelly:  I went to Film School at Florida State University.  I moved to LA almost 12 years ago.  I started off doing background work while looking for a job.  I got my first job as an assistant at a Production Company within 3 months.  In between some of my assistants jobs, I worked as a PA on television shows and movies.

LH: Had you had any prior experience being an assistant?

Kelly: My first job was with Alicia Silverstone.  I worked with her for 4 years.  Then I worked with Drew Barrymore for 3 years before getting my job with Alyssa.  I have been with Alyssa  for almost 4 years now.

LH: I  think that what you wear can make a big impact on your interview. A 3-piece suit isn’t always appropiate, especially for LA. What did you wear on your interview?

Kelly: My interview with Alyssa was at her home, so I went more casual.  I wore jeans, a nice top and heels.

LH: What are your professional pet peeves?

Kelly: It’s not really a pet peeve, more of a crazy issue I have.  When planning for a trip, I like to have the itinerary filled in days ahead of  time (flights, hotel, car pick-uptimes, exact drop off locations, etc, etc).  Sometimes I have to wait on certain info from other people and I can’t finish my itinerary.  It drives me crazy!  I hate getting on the plane without a finished itinerary.  It makes me anxious.

LH:Your work is based on keeping someone else’s life organized. How  does that translate into your own life? Are you organized in your personal life as well? Any tips?

Kelly: Yes, I am very organized.  Everything has it’s place.  I don’t have any tips really.  Just clean up after yourself as you go along and then you won’t get too far behind.

LH: If you weren’t an assistant, what other profession do you see yourself in?

Kelly: I knew I wanted to work in the film industry since I was 7 years old. There’s nothing else I want to do!

LH: Your schedule is hectic. Do you take “time off” to pamper yourself? What do you like to do?

Kelly: I take time off for myself on Sundays (if we’re not traveling).  I  run all my personal errands and clean the house on Saturday.  Sundays I try to stay home all day and catch up on my shows and watch movies.

LH: Alyssa has some great charities she’s involved in. What is your role in them & would you like to highlight their cause?

Kelly: Alyssa lives for her humanitarian work.  She is such an inspiration. I was lucky enough to go on a Unicef field visit with her to Kosovo. What an amazing opportunity.  Seeing the work she does firsthand is truly inspirational. Here are a few of her favorites:
*Unicef  www.unicefusa.org
*Global Network for Neglected Tropical Diseases  www.globalnetwork.org

* Charity: Water  www.charitywater.org

*Best Friends Animal Society www.bestfriends.org

During writing this post, I checked out www.bestfriends.org. It is amazing how many animals need to be adopted & need homes! I wanted to highlight this post on Ozark, a male American Eskimo. He is between 5-9 years old and needs a loving home.  His Animal

Id is: 106796 & link to his profile is at:  http://adoptions.bestfriends.org/Default.aspx?dbid=1016796 . Who couldn’t fall in LOVE with a white ball of fluff named Ozark?
LH: Any tidbit about yourself that the typical reader may not know about you? (ex.) you paint, writer, good cook, etc.

Kelly: I just bought a house, so all my free time is spent painting, unpacking, decorating and gardening.  My favorite store is Home Depot and the workers recognize me as I come in now.  It’s kind of cool!

Thank you again Kelly! You can follow Kelly’s day via twitter at: @Coach_Kall  & Alyssa has just launched her NEW website at:


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