VERY excited to be able to review this cool beans product from the awesome people at Magellan’s…my GO  To place for all of my travel necessities!

Recently I was at LAX waiting for my plane while watching the battery life  rapidly die on my phone. I waited desperately for a charging station to open up, ready to pounce the insta-second it became available. What a hassle!

If ONLY I had had this flippi’n solar charger to have gotten me through that ordeal…one that MANY  of us battle with daily.

This product is great for charging your device on the go when an electrical outlet is nowhere in sight.

For those of us that use our phone a ridiculous amount through the day, an instant charging device surely comes in handy.

Here’s my take on this mean, green (ok, well actually it’s black) solar powered machine (and actually it’s not a machine, but a charger…but I like the sound of it!)


I’m not one for instructions. I like to be frustrated and figure things out myself. Why? I still ask myself that question.

I received my Solar power charger neatly packaged in a box. I busted it open and literally dumped everything out on the table.

The amount of tips that came with the box overwhelmed me just a bit. However, I knew once I found my match I would be set. AND I was.

I found the tip that fit my phone in a minute or so. The tip fit great, no problem.

I then found the tip that fit the wall charger. Piece of cake.

Another bag of international adaptors came with the charger as well for when needed.

NEXT…charging the solar charger

I set the charger in the sun and left it. After coming back to check it, I noticed it wasn’t charged. Eager to use the device,  I charged it the old fashioned way, plugging it into the wall instead and left it overnight.

The next morning, TA DA…Charged!!! I tested the charger out on my phone and it started charging it instantly. YEAH!!!

By the end of the day, I noticed the charger was low on battery. Already? Ok, time to take out instructions…

SOOO, I read instructions and presto…Solar charger should be turned in OFF position when not charging. It will last for months that way.

2nd tip…When charging in the Sun, turn the button to the OFF position. Magic…it started charging!

Solar panel charger worked like a charm.


*Easy to find the tips to fit mobile phone & charger

*Cute portable pouch to carry charger & tips with you when traveling

*Internationally compatible with multiple country adaptors

*Long battery life when fully charged and kept in OFF position when not charging

*Charges easily in sun when kept in OFF position

*Lifesaver when you need to charge that phone, ipod or PDA & NOT near an outlet!!!

DEFINITE MUST for travelers. Encourage to purchase!  THANKS MAGELLAN!

Where to purchase:



ONE lucky winner will receive Magellan’s Solar powered charger for FREE! Valued at $99.85!   Woo-hoo!

Details from www.magellans.comon this Fabu product that will keep you CHARGED while on the go:

Fatcat™ Solar Charger lets you recharge anywhere, any time. This versatile battery pack holds 2-3 times the power needed for a mobile phone, iPod or PDA. That means you can recharge several devices between pit stops, or use your electronics for extended time periods. It has a USB port to plug in all portable electronics, and can be completely recharged on just 5-10 hours of sunlight, or with the included dual-voltage AC adaptor. Whether you’re on the road, or at home during a power outage, this dependable power supply will never leave you stranded, and even functions as an emergency LED flashlight. Includes adaptor tips for all electronics, and a cloth travel bag. (5½ x 3 x 1″; 7.8 oz)


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