If someone is going to walk in your shoes after your reign is over, it’s a pleasure to have it be Indigo Charlie. Indigo’s stamina, quick-thinking and jump right in there attitude made her the perfect fit as an entertainer’s assistant.

I’m truly amazed at Indigo’s talent and how she has blossomed into a beautiful & inspiring singer and songwriter.

While assisting Solange Knowles, I met Indigo through working with her mama, SUPER entertainment  publicist Chanel Green (@chanelgreen). Indigo would accompany Chanel when we were on set and working in general. Meanwhile, I had NO idea this budding talent was working on her own career!

How amazing is this energizer bunny? Well, for starters, Indigo is at school at FIDM, recently interned with BCBG in NY, assisted WHILE in school AND all the while focused on her supersonic charged singing career!

Whew! It’s exhausting just to list them all! How does Ms. Indigo do ALL  of this and what advice does she have for other budding assistants?

Watch, learn and listen to Indigo’s how to’s from this former celeb assistant!

Indigo Charlie interview:

 LH: Indigo, I’m so excited to see you today! So most people don’t know that Indigo filled my shoes when we both worked for Solange. I’m always curious to know how it is to fill…I hope I left things in good condition for you!

Indigo: They were definitely in good condition. I just picked up where you left off…scheduling…

LH: …You have to be nice because we are on camera! lol…just kidding (haha)

Indigo: HaHa.  Scheduling, running errands…the same tasks that you had working for her. Big shoes to fill because it was my first assistant go around.

LH: Oh, so this was your first gig as an assistant?

Indigo: Yes

LH: Ok, cool. Well….how did you like it?

Indigo: I really liked it. I loved being able to travel & learn things. It really taught me that you need to be quick and you have to have answers. If you have four hours worth of errands, try to find out how to do them in two. Twenty four hours in the day there’s a lot of stuff to do, especially with someone who is constantly on the go and has something to do. It definitely taught me a lot about myself and how to get things done.

LH: Now I know when I started, I had zero assistant experience as well (side note: this meant assisting for an entertainer, as I had experience assisting a Fortune 500 executive). How did you learn the industry, like your contact on who to call & everything like that? When you needed to find someone to call…did you have an assistant circle? Did you have other assistant friends?

Indigo: I knew a couple of people who were assistants but that was more so as I started working with her more and met a couple of people along the way. Also, my mom was her publicist before, so my mom had a lot of the contacts, people I needed to talk to…

LH: Ms. Chanel Green (Indigo’s mom & FAB publicist). Yay Chanel! (she is awesome btw-pleasure to work with!)

Indigo: So she definitely helped me. If I didn’t have an answer, I could go to her and she either knew who to call or how to handle the situation. So I tried to keep her in my pocket and be like “I don’t know what to do!”

LH: Oh, I kept her in my pocket too!! I’m calli’n Chanel!

Indigo: She was a big help. Her phone is filled with contacts and she’s filled with advice. She’s super helpful!

LH: Well, it’s so cool that you are transitioning into your music career. And it’s also great that you got to work for a music artist so that you got to experience what really goes on behind the scenes now. Do you feel that has helped you out a lot?

Indigo: Definitely. I’ve had the experience on seeing what happens behind the scenes interning with my mom or helping her out…but really when you are in it and you are the responsible one, you can’t really look to anybody else when you are out on the road. So it definitely taught be how to deal with the situation on my own. I couldn’t go look to my mom. I had to figure it out and I got to see behind the scenes and how stuff worked…what a TV  appearance was like, what it was like to maneuver through a concert. It was stuff like that, where you don’t have a badge and you NEED a badge and you are supposed to have a badge. Stuff like that where you are learning as you go. Now that I have the background experience of helping someone else, I think I will be able to help myself more in music. It was a great experience.

LH: Absolutely. I think that’s great. You have been an assistant so when you have an assistant, you know how much of her life (or his!) it took and how much energy and how much hard work it is and you will be very appreciative.

Indigo: Oh, super appreciative.

LH: Do you know what your biggest challenge was while you were assisting?

Indigo: My biggest challenge was time management with school. I was going to school 3 days a week and had 20 hours worth of homework. People don’t know that being an assistant is a 24 hour job. I had a school week that was hectic and a 24 hour job. I’d be in class and be on break and have 20 e-mails. I’d go back and forth, so that was the hardest part giving enough time to school and enough time to her to get stuff done.

LH:  Did you have time for personal life, and friends?

Indigo: No, not at all. It was school and work.

LH:  Which is paying off! You are doing amazing, that’s great! So, what is your assistant style? I’m OCD. I’ve got my label maker usually right with me! Are you super organized or just go with the flow? Do you have any tips to give other assistants?

Indigo:  I’m in between OCD and as we go. I was learning along the way, so there was some trial and error. By the end, if she didn’t know where it was, I knew where it was…like back there to the left, under this box! I got OCD in that manner, but definitely in the beginning I wasn’t. It could be like “we need to be on a flight in 10 minutes?” OK, it’s going in the bag!

My tips for other assistants are to keep a day book, a planner with you and WRITE it down. You are going to remember it more if you write it down. If you write it in your phone, it gets forgotten. For me, it helped to write it down because it burned in my mind. If it’s on a piece of a paper, I can go and look at it.

LH: Absolutely. Well, whoever is going to fill YOUR shoes next, what advice do you have to give to them?

Indigo: If you don’t have an answer, be able to find it. If someone does say no and I can’t do this…push and push until you GET what you want.

LH: That’s great advice. Some people think, “Oh they said no”. NO, there is going to be SOMEONE out there who says yes. A good assistant knows that and goes to the next route.

Well, you’ve got some AMAZING things coming out. We are on the set right now of your music video shoot! So tell them all about it!

Indigo: You can find my music & my previous video for “Never Change” on www.youtube.com/indigocharliemusic & also on twitter at @IndigoC. That’s where people can follow & find what I’m doing and the music that I put out.  Those are the best avenues.

LH: What’s the video today called?

Indigo:  The video today is for “On the Edge”. I dug deeper in my soul. It’s a little more darker and moody. I’m excited; I’m excited about this video!

LH: Well, you look amazing. Thanks for upstaging me on my video, lol! But that’s ok:)

It was great to see you and I look forward to watching your video!!


TIPS from Indigo!:

SO EXCITED to showcase Indigo’s music video “On the edge” ! CONGRATS Indigo & cheers for a thriving and succesful career ahead!!

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