Looking at that cover girl on your latest magazine? Watching the starlets walk the red carpet?  Well, guaranteed most of those hands you are seeing having been manicured, polished & prepped  by L.A.’s  top manicurist…. Ashlie Johnson.  She.  is.  the.  BEST

From Gwyneth Paltrow, Reese Witherspoon, Cate Blanchett to inside the pages of Vogue, Vanity Fair & Allure…Ashlie has manicured the best in the entertainment world.

Tops down, look no further. Your hands will looks amazing after Ashlie has finished her magic with them! The  good news is that Ashlie is just as friendly and personal as you would want your manicurist to be.

Her talent has not gone to her head, just the opposite. She’s warm, accessible and just plain. NICE

Always a pleasure having Ashlie on set!

Why not go to one of the BEST for nail care tips & advice? I thought so!!

Meet Ashlie Johnson &  follow her tips for a FAB Mani!:

LH: Being a sought after manicurist in the land of a million is no easy feat. How did you get where you are today & what made you stand outfrom the other manicurists?

Ashlie: I got started as a Hollywood manicurist about  years ago. I had just moved from Maryland to LA and began working at Fred Segal Spa in Santa Monica. After maybe only a week of working there I had manicured an undercover reporter for the LA Times magazine, who then went on to write and article about manicures in LA that described me as ” the Lana Turner of the french manicure” which I still find pretty funny :) From that I was asked to join the Fred Segal agency that sent artists to shoots, my first just so happened to be the cover of V magazine with Kate Moss, shot by David Sims! So I guess I started out with a bang….
That agency later closed and I moved over to the amazing Wall Group, and the rest is history… or my portfolio ;)

LH: Do you ever mix your own colors & shades?

 Ashlie: I do love to mix my own shades when a shoot calls for  a color that I don’t already have in my kit, or doesn’t exist on the market yet.

LH: What do you anticipate being the hot color for the Oscars this year?

Ashlie: I think the hot colors for this years Oscars will be brighter pinks and reds and also some gold, people are tending to get tired of the
dark shades by now.

LH: Is there a frequent color & make that is requested the most?

 Ashlie: There isn’t one most requested shade, people like to know what’s new and of course what will match the dress.

LH: What color do you think flatters the hand the most & do you have any tricks or tips for making your manicure look it’s best?

Ashlie: I’m a big fan of red, it looks great on everyone and is super sexy and ladylike. Make sure to use a great top coat for shine and cuticle
oil for dryness.

LH: You have manicured I think almost every hand in Hollywood!! Is there anyone you haven’t that you would love to have the opportunity?

Ashlie: Sophia Loren 

LH: What are 2 nail care tips that everyone should know about?

Ashlie: Keeping your nails filed and hands moisturized are the top two tips for healthy nails

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