After a hard day’s work, heading to your mailbox & finding your fav magazine can brighten up your day FAST.  You are ready to flip through fresh content for what’s next for spring, a new recipe you haven’t tried or the latest exercise craze!  After 20 minutes of flipping through your magazine, what do you do with it?

FLAG the pages? TOSS it? Put it in a MASSIVE pile for later (and how often does later come?)

Here’s my method for getting the best out of your Magazine subscriptions & RID of messy piles-ORGANIZE IT!!

1.) READ through your magazine as you normally do. When you find something interesting, RIP OUT THE PAGE! (Note to others in my presence: Probably an etiquette DON’T, but YES….I tear out pages of magazine in public places. I figure they are there for others to enjoy & it will only be good for 30 days anyway! )

2.) CIRCLE what you find interesting on the page for quick reference then put your scrappings in a pile. If there is something to look at on-line, I usually do within a couple of days (recipes, shopping sites, etc.). If interested, I’ll bookmark that site in my on-line Favorites & if not interested, I toss the article (by that I mean RECYCLE)and move on.

3.) Bye, Bye magazine! I rarely hold onto a magazine. I either give to a friend, leave at the gym for others or RECYCLE them.

TIP:  Another great way to reuse a magazine is to ROLL them up and tuck them into your boots. Keeps those boots from slouching over & super neat in your closet!!

4.) For the pages I love, I FILE them in categories about a month after collecting that month’s issues (use Manila folders per category/label them). Its super fast & you’ll have those memorable pages at your fingertips versus trying to find it in a huge pile of old magazines. File by the categories below in one hanging FILE (manila folders inside) & your FAV tips will be at your fingertips in a mere few seconds.

 C A T E G O R I E S 


Great category for exercise tips & routines, health info. and fitness tips.

TIP: Looking to SPICE up your workout? Pull out your exercise folder & grab a couple of new exercises to incorporate into your routine. Mix & match the tips to workout different muscles!



Magazines are FILLED with tons of images on style, fashion & the latest things. It can get overwhelming. The solution? Circle that pair of shoes you can’t stop looking at or the article on the New finds for Spring. File your magazine pages & even though you haven’t bought them, you know the page is still there when you need them. Looking to reward yourself for good work? Pull out a page of your MUST haves and get yourself one or two of your FAV things you circled in the past.



One of my favorites to collect. When something catches my eye on home decor, I rip out that page. I may not be in the need of a remodel at that time or just wanting something new to spruce up that room, having images for reference already in place are great. Top interior designers have already put these well-polished and elaborate rooms together. Why reinvent the wheel when you can see their work first hand & then head to Home Goods and find something similar for 1/2 the price?


I think that having financial advice from a multitude of sources & forming your own opinion is the way to go. A collection of magazine clippings are great to refer back to when thinking of the next move to make in your financial plans. Not able to use those tips now? No problemo. When you are able to move forward, bring out those articles & start planning away!


Looking for cool ideas for future birthdays, housewarming gifts, baby showers, thank you’s, Holidays, etc.? From store bought to home-made ideas, I always go to my manila folder filled with gift ideas for loved ones.  Having a selection of unique & crafty gift suggestions is nice to have at bay in advance.


LOVE  that cut & color in an article or ad? Tear it out! I’m always on the hunt for my next  super cool cropped cut & have a stack of photos to choose from when I’m ready. Thinking about going blonde or red this summer? Go ahead & select shades you admire now so you don’t have to sweat when your color appt. comes up before you know it.

Cool make-up applications or colors you’ve seen? Circle those fun & funky styles. On your next night out, pull out a style & TRY it out!!  Sephora & Ulta have great trendy  and fun make-up to try out! My next night out I have a cool blue tone jeweled eye look I’ll be going for!

TIP: On your next trip to the make-up counter or your local Sephora or Ulta, take a few pages from your folder and TREAT yourself to a new shimmery lipstick or hot nail polish! Quick & inexpensive way to indulge!



Tear out yummy recipes & snacks that look good enough to try. Mix it up in the kitchen & try a new recipe during the week.  After  you try the recipe, ONLY keep it if you LOVE it and will definitely use it again. Don’t file in your filing cabinet. Put in a binder in your kitchen for quick reference. However, further organization on that topic will be another post as recipes & food deserve a post by themselves. For now, tear those suckers out & COOK away!



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