Always on the hunt for SAVVY finds, Christmas of course is the BEST time for finding the perfect gift. The only downside is there are too many options! Here are a few of my Fav things I’m buying for loved ones this year…let’s just hope they aren’t reading this post, lol!  Enjoy and Merry Merry!

*Merona fingerless glove & Scarf set from Target: $10 

Perfect set for the BFF. Hope mine isn’t reading this post as this is what she’s getting for Christmas! Cute, cozy & budget-friendly. Tempting to pick one up for yourself at this price.  Sold out on-line so pick them up in the store like muah.

*Isle soy lotion candles:

 Not only do these smell AMAZING, they are soy based. That means no harmful fumes to inhale on these bad boys. BEST part about these candles? After you light them & the soy melts, you can use them as hand lotion!!  I’ve personally watched these get handmade, and the process is simple & natural-exactly what I will put on my skin (they are also rich in Vitamin E). A little dab of the soy oil goes a looong way on whatever area you glob this yummy stuff on. Relaxation AND Hydration in this duo! My fav scent is Fresh Crisp Linen.

*World Market jewelry: Jackpot on jewelry in this store! Great price & quality from around the world in one. I bought a terrific gold flower ring for a friend (which they don’t   have an on-line pic to show unfortunately). Jewelry starts at 4.99 and goes to $14 and change. Great deals!!


* Chocolate Almond Torte at Trader Joe’s : Holy chocolate, this thing is good! I was given a sample one day at their store and have been hooked on it ever since. How many calories are in this freaki’n awesome Torte? Don’t know, don’t care! Just eat it up and run or spin it off. Great to bring to relatives for Christmas dinner who will think you are the best desert chef there is. YUM!!

*Jolt Faux Fur jacket at Macy’s: Currently on sale for $49.99 vs. $89.99 , I’m glad to see faux fur back in style! My first faux fur was pink and I got it for Christmas when I was around 8 years old. If only I hung onto it, I would have been back in style! Ok, pink maybe be pushing it, but I love this Jolt faux fur in brown. And this has NOTHING to do with the fact my sister just bought one in black. Just sayi’n. Super warm, super plush, budget-friendly. Ho, ho,  ho, merry, merry.

*Sock jar for kids: $24 from little miss mismatched


Your little one can mismatch their tootsies all day. Who knows when they are in the mood for stripes, polka dot or stars? Includes 12 pairs of mismatched socks, made of cotton & the jar is reusable (always a plus). Perfect for santa to drop under the tree!

And lastly, this one’s for YOU:

Gini Bini “Big Bang” boots: $149

Super chic clog type boots. Tried these on this weekend and fell in love. Unexpectedly comfortable and super chic all the way. Zips up with ease, plenty of room in the leg & rocker studs around the trim. Going back this week to get them! LOVE them! Tried them on over skinny jeans & my friend wanted them that instant as well. Grab them while you can!

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