SOO VERY excited & honored to have the TALENTED Celebrity Make-up Artist Makeup Artist Melanie Inglessis as a guest blogger this week! Having worked with Melanie, it was so much fun to watch her transform a blank canvas to a magical wonder piece. She can make you look like a goddess in under an hour!

This cultured mastermind grew up in Paris & studied and started her career in London (my personal FAVORITE city!). She has been in LA for about 6 years and is bi-coastal chic as most are in the entertainment industry.

You will come across her work unbeknownst as you flip through your monthly Fashion magazine or watch the Golden Globes, Emmy’s, Oscars or any RED carpet wonder on your telly.

I too, wanted to get in the secrets to looking like a celebrity, so was fortunate to get those priceless tips on looking your BEST! Here goes:

LH: My favorite shade last year was gray and sometimes a little navy. Are you using those colors a lot or seeing other top colors for Fall this year?

Melanie: I will always use gray, its classic!!! But this fall I definitely see other colors picking through! Like dark green and purple.

LH: My favorite part of a woman on her face is her eyebrows. I am completely jealous of how Elizabeth Taylor and Angelina keep theirs with the perfect arch! I try my best, but a half hour into the day, mine still seem to be all over the place. Is there a product you recommend to help keep those arches in place?

Melanie: Yes!!! Brow gel!! It comes in clear or different colors to match your eyebrows.

LH: Highlighting your face seems to be the best way to make your face really stand out and appear bright! What products do you like to use for the golden glow.

Melanie: Many companies are now selling illuminizers that often can be applied before foundation or mixed witness it…or if you have a flawless skin, used on it’s on.

There is foundation that have a highlighting effects as weak, so u can get coverage and a glow!
MAC strobe cream is great.
NARS has some great illuminizers with difference tints to suit your skin..
If your skin is on the oily side, there is powder out there with a slight shimmer that will brighten your face.
Make up Forever illuminizing powder is one of them.
Just be careful to keep the “glow” away from your T zones..there is a fine line between looking glowing and shinny!!
LH: What are your thoughts on foundation? Do you recommend a particular foundation or suggest to lightly powder the face for a more dewy look?

Melanie: Well, it really depends on your skin and what kind of coverage you need & want.

I would definitely advice a daily SPF. So a tinted moisturizers with SPF is a great way to get a little coverage and protection.
There are really nice foundations on the market those days and I feel U can find the perfect foundation for your need.
I love the CHANEL tinted moisturizer, Laura Mercier does a good one too.
If you prefer a powder, have one with an SPF too!! The new minerals make up have easy to use powder/ foundation with could just concealed blemishes, if u have any and slightly powder your face…
LH: Concealer seems to be tricky for me. It seems when I put it on, it has a thick look and you can tell where it was applied. Are there any tricks to make it seem less noticeable?

Melanie: Yes…a better, lighter (in consistency) concealer.

Maybe the color you were advice wasn’t the right one and maybe it’s not the right texture for your skin.
Make sure your eyes are moisturized before, allowing the application of the concealer to be easier…use your ring finger to apply, the warmth makes the products softer and easier to apply.
Chantecaille and Cover Girl have concealers that are an eye cream as well, so it moisturizes and covers!
It seems to me you have a wrong concealer…it should be an easy process if u have the right one..
LH: I’m always up for the perfect pink lipstick or blush. What are your favorites?

NARS (funny face or flamenco) and CHANEL (pink ballerina) are doing the best lip colors.

My favorite pink blusher is from Kevyn in soft oink is the perfect pink blusher, it suits everybody!
THANKS MELANIE!! I look forward to rushing to the store & getting those make-up products to make me look Red carpet ready (even if it’s just for a day time look in town, lol!)
Want to check out Melanie’s AMAZING work or contact her for a session? Check out her website & digits below: