So glad to be writing this post!! Not one to give up my luxuries & comforts in life, I surprised even myself when I voluntarily signed myself up to do a 30 Day No Shopping challenge. This was NO easy challenge I gave this self claimed shopaholic. Still alive & ticking, I managed to make it through this wacky trial I gave myself.. and so proud I did!  My diary & challenges, hoping to inspire another professed shopaholic!

Day 1:  Met mom for lunch & stared through the cafe window at a boutique across the street on my list to check out. Counting down til mom would stop chit chattin so I could salivate at the new finds was a feat in itself. The boutique was what I thought…super cute, trendy & each piece was calling my name. How to manage the temptation of grabbing everything & darting to the nearest dressing room? TAKE PICTURES!!  I figure if I can’t buy it, I would at least take a picture and it would somehow be with me. Insane? Of course! Did it work? Yes!

My culprit? JEWELRY! Anything that sparkles & shines has my full attention! What’s $14 or $20 bucks for a cute pair of Fabulous gold dangles? NO MA’AM! I surpassed this obstacle and let my camera phone do the shopping! Taking pics of the earrings & rings was the trick to me walking out item FREE! (big kudos to my bad self)

Day 5: Shopping is under control, but noticing another addiction starting to take place….CHOCOLATE! Interesting that my appetite has increased & I’m starting to nibble on anything cocoa-like in my presence. Luckily I catch myself grabbing unnecessary bites & soon replace this bad habit with a healthy one instead…working out!



 Day 7: Shopping detox has set in but shockingly my will power has been pretty good. I’ve kept on track by not window shopping or attempting drive-bys of my favorite stores. Keeping away from my favorite on-line stores was also a HUGE help. Bluefly, TopShop & H & M will just have to wait a few weeks. My ONE guilty weekly fix? Skimming through my weekly Shop It To Me e-mail…just in case I am making a fashion faux pas in my daily ensembles.

Day 18: This year I wanted to attend my city’s local Women’s Convention. Upside? Learning about the area’s businesses run by local women & supporting them (not to mention getting free samples of everything imaginable!)

Downside? Finding out about all the businesses I can’t shop at ! Each booth & display tempted me, but I did NOT give in. So proud!! This day one was a tough cookie since my peripheral vision can pick up bling & fabric a mile away. I left satisfied with loads of free products samples instead.

Day 30: I DID IT! I made it through accessory, clothing & shoe free for 30 days, equivalent  to 730.484398 hours or 43 829.0639 minutes! Makes it sound a lot more challenging that way, don’t ya think?!

My final thoughts?: It wasn’t as difficult as  I thought. Yes, I had a few extra chocolates and stared with complete envy at strangers with the latest Fall fashions on, but overall I made it and managed to still look stylish with my current wardrobe. 

My biggest concern was that I would go completely WILD on Day 30, the day the challenge ended. I happily surprised myself & only bought one pair of boots I had been salivating on…and they were at Target for $34.99  so I don’t feel toooo guilty about that. I did reward myself that night with watching Rachel Zoe on QVC for about an hour. All in good fun & I ordered…nada:)

The Ultimate question is still…

                                                         ….Would I do this again?

My answer: Not a chance!

Happy Shopping, but I do encourage you do find your inner “holic” & knock it right out of ya through your own challenge!

*Send me YOUR own challenge stories….I’d love to hear them!

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