What better way to help me cope with my 30 Day No Shopping Challenge than to talk about clothes!! I thought so too! (see previous post to know what the bleep I’m referring to)

If you can’t buy it, then I’m gonna talk about it & keep tabs on what’s hot for Fall. Who better to ask, than Nancy Rosu? Nancy is a personal shopper and stylist extraordinaire who works exclusively with A-list celebrities.

Working with Nancy was always exciting,  waiting to see what new trends & fashion ensembles she created before my boss would hit the red carpet, an event or for simply looking amazing daily. Not only is Nancy a dream to work with, her style is impeccable and will literally make you look like a million bucks. It doesn’t hurt that she’s worked with  THE P&G (Pam & Gela) of Juicy Couture to open their first store in the world.

Fall fashion is the HOTTEST time of the year to make yourself stand out. Why else does  the September issue of VOGUEweigh in at over a pound? Because women are obsessed with finding the latest & the greatest! Me included!

With all of these amazing clothes, it’s easy to get lost in the shuffle. Therefore, I’m bringing in the big guns to help you with this season’s hottest questions-Nancy Rosu! Cherish these answers as they would normally cost you BIG BUCKS! I’ve got an “IN” with this well-known trend-setter, so ENJOY!

LH: What’s the one MUST HAVE for this fall that has a buzz around it?

NANCY:The one must-have for Fall 2010 is the scarf. You may see it reincarnated as a furry faux leopard number, but whatever the print or fabric, you must add a scarf to your look for work and play.

LH: Are skinny jeans still in this season, or is there another style that’s making a come back?

NANCY:Skinny jeans are getting even skinnier this fall season with the inconspicuous jegging. This stretchy little miracle sucks you in all of the right spots and gives the appearance of a long, lean leg.

Stylist Tip:Wear them with a flowy top or sweater and sky-high platforms for the perfect autumn look.

LH: What 6 essential pieces should every woman have in their closet?

NANCY: Admittedly, it is far more difficult to style oneself than someone else, so here are some items that every woman should keep in her closet to make getting dressed a cinch:

  1. A cocktail dress that fits you perfectly and preferably in black so you can wear it more than once and no one will be the wiser.
  2. A pair of denim (or jeggings) that make you feel like a total sexpot.
  3. A pair of comfy heels or a super-tall and super-comfy pair of platforms.

Stylist Tip: platforms offer greater support so you can go with a higher heel without suffering.

4. I cannot believe I am saying this: even though I lean more towards being a bit “logo-a-go-go”, there is a time and a place for logos and your “essential” bag is NOT one of them. <sigh>  Get a great bag without anything that will date it so you can wear it with everything for years and get your money’s worth. Of course, your other bags can have all kinds of logos, but your essential handbag must remain timeless.

5. Perfectly fitting undergarments are a MUST-HAVEfor every woman and will make ALL the difference in your wardrobe forever more. Stylist Tip: Go to Nordstrom and get fitted for a bra…it may will be awkward and uncomfortable, but you will have many a revelation in that fitting room, I am telling you. Do not look at the price tag for your bras and get several that fit you perfectly.

Stylist Tip: Pick up a pair of SPANX-like girdles on the cheap at Target…they are called Assets and they can make you fit into things that you only dreamed of.

6. Finally, great workout clothes should always be handy, so you never have an excuse to skip out.

Stylist Tip: Slip into a workout outfit right when you get home from work and you are more likely to keep your routine and fit into all of your amazing wears.

LH: When traveling, what is the best way to pack your jewelry?

NANCY: I used to use a jewelry roll, but with statement pieces being SO large nowadays, I have to organize my client’s pieces in a cosmetic train case. Another travel tip is to toss a couple of dryer sheets into their suitcase to make clothes and hotel rooms smell a little more like home.

LH: Your favorite pick for a comfy boot that can last all day through the evening is…?

NANCY: Most people have 1-hour shoes, 2-hour shoes, and shoes you can only sit in, but for running around this fall,my favorite pair are my soft Manolo Blahnik Pascalare boots. The heel is not too high and they are so comfy.

Stylist Tip: If you are just breaking in a new pair of boots, try wearing a thick pair of sweat socks for the first time for a blister-free experience.

LH: Do you have any favorite designers that are not relatively known yet?

NANCY:Have you ever been to Europe and driven on the roads that hug the side of the mountains so tightly that you just know you are going to plummet over the edge with one wrong move? Marco de Vincenzo and Hakaan Yildirim embody that dangerous, curve hugging mentality and their designs so beautifully celebrate a woman’s body.

LH: Which colors will we being seeing more of for the Fall?

NANCY: Jewel tones are everywhere again and everyone can find a hue that is most flattering.

Stylist Tip:Just use it as a pop of color in your shirt or shoe rather than monochromatically as they as showing on the runways this season. Remember that every trend is NOT for everyone and do not get frustrated if a trend looks ridiculous on you…just move on to the next trend that suits you.

LH:  What are your 3 favorite accessories you have found for the upcoming season?

NANCY: Thank you, New Jersey! Leopard print is all over our accessories this fall from our bags to our pumps.

  1. Faux furry vests, furry scarves, and furry shoes.
  2. Stylist Tip: Everyone else is opting for the statement necklace AGAIN this season, but I say go for the statement bracelet or cuff, especially if you are not in love with your arms as it brings attention down to the slimmest part of your arm.
  3. I like to call it my Golden Girls bag…it’s the fabulously feminine boxy number dangling from the crook of your arm…you will love to wear yours proudly this fall.


 LH: Actually, I love Golden Girls & it is Betty White’s comeback year, so it’s the perfect time to bring back those boxynumbers! I LOVE that you mentioned faux, furry vests! I’m obsessed. Rachel Zoe has some great options in her new faux fur QVC line (@$79) & Old Navy has hopped on the faux fur gravy train, offering their’s  for $29.50!!!

THANK YOU NANCY!! Now we can all look like Diva’s whether we are walking down Beverly Hills or the streets of Nashville!

Want to contact Nancy? She can be reached via e-mail at: info@nancyrosu.com