I’m surprised even I’M giving myself THIS challenge! I’ve decided to go shopping-FREE for one MONTH!  Whew-even typing those words gives my heart palpitations. Why? I’m a HUGE shopaholic!

Their isn’t a week that goes by that I’m not in a store or on-line somewhere. Most people wrap their emotions in some sort of substance to feel good (chips, chocolates, margaritas, whatev). Mine? I go shopping for ALL emotions! Too feel better when I’m down or to feel awesome when I’m already HAPPY! Either way, I just LOVE it! No therapy needed.

I will preface I am NOT the next Rebecca Bloomwood like in Diaries of a Shopaholic, where all of my credit cards need to be frozen to prevent buying that next couture item. Nope, I am thankfully NOT that far over the fence.

My motto is, if you don’t have it..don’t buy it. And nope, NO credit cards-just cash. All the while, savings is also important, so I don’t mess with my nest egg either. So, I don’t spend hundreds of $$’s on the latest “it” piece constantly. It’s basically, $20-$40 here or there. Although, those DO add up! My biggest issue is that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE bargain stores! If I’m near a T.J. Maxx or Marshalls, my car automatically steers itself into the nearest parking lot.  Gold Fergie sandals for $39? Back off, those are mine! bnnnnnn(my cat decided to walk over the keyboard, so ignore that last little blib). I also LOVE bargain stores like H&M, Forever 21 and I don’t want to get started on outlets.

SO, I wanted to challenge myself to deal with the MASSIVE  mounds in my closet & wear those clothes with the price tag still on them before buying a new piece. If I never bought another thing this year, I could easily have a new outfit for every day. That’s ridiculous, and I agree! So, I am challenging my shopaholic self to not buy any Clothes, shoes, jewelry or accessory items for 30 days! Yikes!! Let me take an INHALE  before my next paragraph!

I look forward to posting back my results with pics along the way. I am sure my friends will get a kick out of this and appreciate my restraint. I’m not putting make-up or products on this list as I know my liner & gloss are getting low and I’m not going to go completely crazy! A woman’s gotta have her gloss :)

Ok, Here I go….Let the 30 Day NO SHOPPING CHALLENGE BEGIN! Anybody with me?

By the way, I’m posting this several days after I started this challenge. My withdrawal has already begun! Of course the first day my challenge started, I checked out a new boutique! My coping mechanism so far is to take pictures of the items I WOULD have bought if not on the challenge (hence the dress on the right).