Want  insider “how to” tips from a celebrity stylist? Wish granted!
I’ve had the pleasure of working with Kelley Krueger while assisting and an even GREATER pleasure of having my hair done by her as well! Let’s just say I felt fabulous  after my tresses were colored and cut by THE KELLEY KRUEGER.  A little more about this high profile stylist:
Kelley Krueger has been a hairstylist for 9 years. She started at the age of 5 playing with her moms blow dryer, rollers and brushes.
She has worked in the Beverly Hills area her entire career and thrives to do fashion shows, and TV projects.
On her list? She has styled hair for the show Entourage, Still Standing, Good Day LA, CBS 2 news, Fox Sports
Who’s on the list?Famous celebrities such as Brooke Shields, Tom Arnold, Daisy Fuentes, Deborah Messing, Jami Gertz, Jillian Reynolds, Ben Affleck , Laura Diaz, Kristen Bell, Miley Cyrus, Lee Majors, Kelly Osbourne among a long list of others high profilers.
“Hair is my passion”, says Kelley. “I love being creative and designing new looks for every head… trends and looks come and go like seasons so its very important to be caught up in the latest.. Hair makes our face and style. Hair defines us and lets us be whoever we wanna be :)”
Want to look like a celebrity yourself, without the hefty pricetag???
 Take these tips from Kelley, asked by your truly:
*Is there a certain trend hairstyle you are seeing or having requested the most right now?
“Waves and braids…  Every woman wants lots of volume and movement. Stick straight is so last century”
*Kelley, what is your favorite tip on caring for your hair?
“Conditioning treatments are a must… no matter the texture or length EVERY head of hair needs to be moisturized at least once a month. “


* Do you recommend to wash your hair every other day as opposed to every day?

 “Absolutely. Our natural oils benefit our scalps tremendously .. I tell clients to try and go 2 at the least… on that last day there are so many options.. ponytails, buns, braids, twists… Headbands are so in right now .. great excuse to throw one in! My favorite are Bandos! www.shopbando.com
*I’ve heard that if you see a gray hair and pluck it out, it will start to
thin your hair. Is that true in your opinion?
If someone only has a few gray
hairs, is it time to start dying their hair or should they just trim those stray
“Never pull or pluck hair out of your head… There are so many options you can go before you start to permanently color your hair… semi permanent colors are great as well as gloss’s that can camouflage the gray while adding protein to the hair at the same time.”


*Do you have a favorite natural conditioning treatment or mask people can do at home?

“Avocados are the best treatments for hair and skin… so many great oils that benefit as well as adding shine… I love the the KERASTASE line .. the masks are great for treatments at home as well as everyday use depending on your hair needs.”
* There are tons of straightening irons on the market and mine has smoked itself to death (literally!). Is there a favorite brand that you like and do you prefer?
“The Croq and T3 irons are my favorite… The Croq can heat up to 450 degrees so you have to be careful.. its more for that unruly curl that desires to be straight from time to time..  the T3 has is ionic so it protects from over heating and burning the hair.”

 Thanks Kelley! Now YOU can look like a high roller wherever you may be!

Want your hair done by Kelley while in LA? Kelley is at  Bellezza Salon inside the Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills & can be reached at  (310) 270-4247.