Instead of just talking about my new found love, acupuncture….why not  show you! Take an inside look at one of my sessions with Dr. Marina Ponton of Natural Health. The age-old question…does acupuncture hurt? Nope! The needles are very small and feels like a slight pinch.

Acupuncture has personally helped me over the last year tremendously. Before acupuncture, I had chronic neck and shoulder pain and was spending a fortune on chiropractors, heat therapy, doctors, masseuse, etc. You name it, I tried it. My body was getting to the point of having painful episodes where I was immobilized in the bed for 24-48 hours, around the time of my cycle. It was horrible.  One of my friends suggested I try acupuncture and I figured why not as nothing else had worked. I started out going to Marina at first once a week, then every two weeks and now on a monthly basis. By the second month, my episodes significantly improved and they were gone by the third month of treatment!!  Hallelujah.

Acupuncture can aid in relieving pain, stress, helping with fertility issues and overall health issues.  Each session varies, pinpointing different areas of the body. Sessions usually range from 45 minutes to an hour, allowing your body time to respond and relax.

A secret on this video? I had an annoying headache while shooting this video and after my sesion, it was gone! That’s worth a session in itself.

Enjoy!! Next session to watch out for-my cupping video!

Acupuncturist in the video: Dr. Marina Ponton. Webiste: Thank you Dr. Ponton & looking forward to my next session!