I had this cookie the other day (ok, maybe not just ONE cookie!) and HAD to have the recipe. The original recipe was cut down to include better alternatives for a healthier cookie AND reduced the original recipe by 1800 calories per batch! No guilt eating chocolate chip cookies (in moderation)? I’m in!

Enjoy this recipe to your stomach’s content:


*2 c whole wheat

*1/2 c all purpose vegetable OR 1/4 c canola oil

*3/4 c applesauce

1/2 c organic brown sugar; 1/2 c white sugar

*1 egg + 2 egg whites OR use equivalent in egg beaters

*2 tsp baking soda (TIP: when baking, increase your baking soda when using whole wheat flour)

*2 tsp vanilla extract

*1 c semi-sweet chocolate chips; *1 c unsweetened chocolate chips

*1 c walnuts (optional if you don’t like nuts)

*Cook until done! Most ovens would have your cookies bake at 425 degrees and test the cookies with a knife. Stick the knife into the cookie, and if the blade comes clean, they are done!

**Get those anti-oxidants from the chocolate, your Omega 3’s from the walnuts and lower cholesterol with this version. That’s worth it to me. ENJOY!**

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