Here is a second video  in my Pilate’s series! This video focuses on leg moves. I like to do short simple videos so you can do these moves, even if you only have a few minutes. Mix and match the videos that fit your needs! Don’t forget to always do the other side or you will look fab on one side and a mess on the other, lol! Pilates is great for toning and stretching, but always mix in your cardio to get the full experience. I also want props on doing these videos, as they make me look 10lbs more!

Enjoy and keep fit!

Leg movements:

1.) Up & down: Lie down on your mat and put your legs at and angle. Lift your top leg up. As you lower this leg, pretend their is a weight and RESIST to tone those muscles! Repeat 10 times.

2.) Passe: Bend your top leg at an angle and drag your heel up your lower leg. LIFT your leg and resist as your lower down. Repeat 10 times.

3.) Hot potato: Easier than it looks! Tap your upper leg four times in the front and LIFT your leg up high. Bring your leg to the backside of you lower leg and tap four times again. LIFT your leg and repeat. After a few repetitions, bring the count down to three taps on one side. Then two. Then one. You will be toned in no time!